Vinyl is a man-made type of plastic first invented in the 1920s. Vinyl floors are perfect for areas where carpet is not suitable, such as kitchens and bathrooms and is comfortable to walk on due to its gel-like finish.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

There are a number of reasons why you might opt for Vinyl flooring for your home. Vinyl is a strong and durable material that will last a long time if looked after correctly. It can be produced in a variety of colours meaning it can fit in with your décor, regardless of how daring you go.

Vinyl is does not cost a lot to produce so is great for those on a budget and it can be fitted on top of existing flooring meaning it can be installed very quickly, with minimum disruption. Vinyl is also resistant to both moisture and humidity, making it easy to clean and perfect for those with a young family.

Types of Vinyl Floorings

Vinyl floorings vary in thickness and in the way they are decorated. Thinner vinyl sheets tend to be between 10 and 15mm in thickness and thicker vinyl sheets will be between 25 and 30mm thick. Patterns can be printed onto vinyl using a rotary press or with large plates which engrave the design beneath the material's surface. Both methods impress the pattern under a gel layer meaning the design is relatively durable.

Unsure If Vinyl Is Right for You?

If you are unsure if vinyl is the right choice for your room then you can call our team on 0141 429 3541 to discuss your concerns. Alternatively you can visit our showroom in Kinning Park, Glasgow to see our range of vinyl, and other, floorings.

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