Stone International Windows Dining Table with Glam Travertine Top


A beautifully designed travertine marble top dining table that sits atop a beautifully and uniquely designed “windows” base. With such a unique and attractive base, this table easily stands out from the crowd and will become an eye-catching focal point to your dining room. The base is available in Chrome or Satin Brass.

The stones and marbles used in our product are all natural – presenting all the variations and unique colourings found in nature. Because they are natural products, no two pieces will look alike. The brown color of walnut travertine is natural to the stone. As in all stones, the color is determined by the mineral content present in the earth during its formation, and in this stone can vary from beige to dark brown and from light gray to black. Because of the vast variations in color present in this particular stone, we use a clear resin to fill the natural pores. This clear resin enhances the depth of color and provides a relatively uniform shine. Because the fill material is clear, some areas require that we use fragments of the stone itself to occupy the resin. These fragments are handplaced and their size and density will vary. In addition, the seam between the stone and the fill can sometimes leave a notable transition that could be mistaken for a crack. This notable transition is unavoidable when it occurs and does not sacrifice the stability of your table in any way.

Glam Travertine

Glam travertine comes from Italy and is a brown/grey travertine. Its texture typically shows swirled veins coming in all shades of brown, beige and grey from very dark to light tones. It shows frequently very narrow veins ranging from white to yellow due to natural iron inclusions. The stripes /veins can extend from end to end of the table or blend throughout giving the appearance of ocean waves. In its natural form has “holes”, “pores” and “fissures” that are filled and sealed with transparent resins, colored fillers and/or small pieces of the same material before polishing. Consequently the surface is not regular due to the presence of residual micro-holes/pores that determine the natural characteristic of the travertine itself.




  • Glam Travertine Top
  • Boxed Edge Base in polished steel
  • Natural stone
  • One of a kind stone
  • Chairs not included
  • Italian made


  • 180cm x 106cm x 75cm
  • 200cm  x 106cm x 75cm
  • 220cm x 106cm x 75cm
  • 170cm  x 90cm x 75cm

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170cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm


Satin Brass, Polished Steel