Stone International Roma Square Boat Table in Midnight Grey


A beautifully designed dark marble top dining table that sits atop a polished steel base. Offering a new take on the classic Roman motif, this table is more iconic than ever. Perfect as the focus of a seating area, it brings old world style and modern attitude to a space. Glamorous in every way, its timelessness is reminiscent of the Old Roman Empire.


Midnight grey comes from Italy. It has unique patterns and color variations rarely seen among other marble stones. Background color is dark grey, sometimes with slightly bronzed color tones. The swirled veins comes in all shades of grey from very dark to light tones. It shows frequently very narrow veins ranging from orange to red due to natural iron inclusions. The stripes/veins can extend from end to end of the table or blend throughout giving the appearance of grey ocean waves. In its natural form Midnight Grey marble has “holes” that are sealed with grey resins and/or small pieces of the same marble before polishing. Consequently the surface is not always regular due to the presence of darker filled areas or residual micro-holes.




  • Matching top and base
  • Boat Table
  • Other cuts of stone available for table top
  • Natural stone
  • One of a kind stone
  • Chairs not included
  • Italian made
  • Stone: Midnight Grey (MG)
  • Other sizes and stones available on request – contact us to enquire


  • 140cm x 140cm x 74cm

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