Stone International Clepsy Plus Wood Dining Table with Walnut Travertine Top


You’ll be inspired to show off your entertaining skills and invite friends and family to dine with you at this alluring dining table. Its modern design is graceful yet substantial in style and presence. As far as stylish dining tables go, this one raises the bar for modern elegance.

Tables with wood base (wenge) or stone base with a metal frame decor (polished steel or polished blond). Top in any available natural stone finish with reversed beveled edge.

Depending on the size of the table top, this table comes with either one or two pedestals.

Walnut Travertine: 

The Filled/Polished Walnut Travertine is an Italian travertine. It shows a walnut brown background color. Its texture typically presents swirled veins coming in shades of brown and grey. It shows frequently small dark areas due to natural iron inclusions. The stripes /veins can extend from end to end of the table or blend throughout giving the appearance of ocean waves. In its natural form has “holes”, “pores” and “fissures” that are filled and sealed with colored fillers and/or small pieces of the same material before polishing. Consequently the surface is not regular due to the presence of residual micro-holes/pores that determine the natural characteristic of the travertine itself.




  • Travertine Top
  • Wenge Wood Base
  • Reverse Beveled Edge Table Top
  • Other cuts of stone available for table top
  • Natural stone
  • One of a kind stone
  • Chairs not included
  • Italian made
  • Stone: Walnut Travertine
  • Bespoke Sizes Available
  • Call us to discuss stone and sizing options 0141 429 3541
  • Two metal rings on base in either polished steel or brass.


One Pedestal:

  • 170×90 x74cm  – Reverse Beveled Edge 6cm
  • 180×106 x74cm  – Reverse Beveled Edge 6cm
  • 200×100 x74cm  – Reverse Beveled Edge 6cm

Two Pedestals:

  • 213×110 x74cm – Reverse Beveled Edge 6cm
  • 220×106 x74cm – Reverse Beveled Edge 6cm

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170cm (One Pedestal), 180cm (One Pedestal), 200cm (One Pedestal), 213cm (Two Pedestals), 220cm (Two Pedestals)