Stone International Ark Console Table with Beveled Edge


Marble top console table that sits unique on Wenge Wood base.

Travertine is a sedimentary rock that is naturally porous. Some of the open pores and veins may be filled in manufacturing. The color of the veins and the amount of fill needed depend entirely on the nature of the particular travertine top. Dark veins may randomly occur on the table top or edge of the table – depending only on the mineral content present in that articular piece of stone. In some instances, tiny openings are not filled and remain open. Open pores on the edges of the table are not filled to leave the piece in its natural state.

The stones and marbles used in our product are all natural – presenting all the variations and unique colourings found in nature. Because they are natural products, no two pieces will look alike. Marbles come in many natural colors and each presents natural veining. The coloration and veining are all determined by the minerals present during formation. Veining can often provide a certain inconsistency in the surface texture of your table top and might even require some fill to be used. These variations and natural markings are to be expected.


Glam travertine comes from Italy and is a brown/grey travertine. Its texture typically shows swirled veins coming in all shades of brown, beige and grey from very dark to light tones. It shows frequently very narrow veins ranging from white to yellow due to natural iron inclusions. The stripes /veins can extend from end to end of the table or blend throughout giving the appearance of ocean waves. In its natural form has “holes”, “pores” and “fissures” that are filled and sealed with transparent resins, colored fillers and/or small pieces of the same material before polishing. Consequently the surface is not regular due to the presence of residual micro-holes/pores that determine the natural characteristic of the travertine itself.

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  • Marble Top
  • Wenge Wood Base
  • Other cuts of stone available for table top
  • Natural stone
  • Beveled Edge / Thick Top
  • Italian made
  • Stone: Glam Travertine
  • Other sizes and stones available on request – contact us to enquire


  • W 160cm x D 56cm x H 75cm


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Beveled, Thick