Using Laminate on the Walls

laminate flooring used on wall

Sometimes the very best ideas are right under our noses and we aren’t even aware of it. This can even be true of home DIY and style trends. In this case, the latest trend isn’t just under your nose, it’s under your feet! This latest trend is laminate flooring! Hardly revolutionary, right? But what if we do something other than use laminate flooring as a floor? Let’s try using laminate flooring on the wall!

Honestly, we’ve not lost our minds. It may have been a long winter here in Glasgow but the cabin fever at Modish Furnishing hasn’t quite set in yet! We see laminate flooring on the walls as not only a viable alternative to traditional methods, but a stylish one too.

Can I use Laminate Flooring on the wall?

Laminate is an excellent DIY wall solution as it gives you the chance to really get those creative juices flowing. Laminate is a terrific way to design your own feature wall. With so much choice, you have complete control over its style, allowing you to create a contrast effect that really stands out.

Other great uses include the use of laminates to enhance wall pockets in the home. These pockets can be used for photos, vases or other decorative means. By using laminates in them, you can really highlight the shadows and make them stand out as part of your home décor.

laminates in wall indent shelf

We’ve written before about how great laminate is on the floor, mainly down to how easy it is to install and maintain. As well as this, you can pick up laminate flooring relatively cheaply compared to its hardwood or carpet counterparts. These advantages are retained whether you’re using laminates on the floor or on the walls.

Installing Laminate Flooring on the Walls

Installation on a wall is swift and easy. It also requires very little maintenance after its initial fitting. Laminates are made to be durable and tough, able to easily handle the wear and tear of people walking on them all day every day. This means your new laminate walls will be highly resistant to scratches and scuffs; and should they get dirty, they’re easy enough to wipe.

Using wood on the walls was a popular trend around the middle of the 20th century. Like so many trends, it seems it’s come back around. The difference this time is the volume of choice we are now afforded with, and the endless style ideas we can find online. Using laminates on the floor is a trend with so many advantages. We think this time the trend is here to stay.


Black Friday at Modish Furnishing

The Modish Furnishing Black Friday weekend sale is now on!

Get yourself down to our showroom and you could grab yourself a bargain in what is most definitely our biggest sale ever.

We’re giving you massive discounts and savings across our entire showroom, and have some incredible deals you won’t want to miss out on.

Rest easy on your brand new mattress, sound in the knowledge it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. All weekend we’re slashing our prices and giving you £100 off all mattresses over £200. That means you could be getting some mattresses for almost half off! This Black Friday mattress offer will expire on Monday though, so you’d better get a move on in order to take full advantage.

Elsewhere in our showroom we’re discounting all mirrors valued over £100 by £80. We have some stunning mirrors in our showroom, and this kind of sale comes along only once a year! This offer reflects (see what I did there?) the excellent value you’re going to find at Modish Furnishing this Black Friday weekend!

Our massive Lighting Clearance Sale is already running, but we’ve thrown in another 20% off all lamps for good measure! We’ve included a wide variety of different lighting products in our sale, from flush lighting to lamps to chandeliers, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

As 2017 rolls to a close, we’re looking to clear a good chunk of our showroom stock, which means we’re also running a clearance sale on all of our Kylie Minogue ranges. There’s as much as 40% off a number of these gorgeous bedding ranges from the Australian singer.

To complement the beautiful bedding ranges, we’re doing two for one on all cushions in the showroom, this includes Kylie Minogue’s entire range of opulent and striking cushions.

There’s bargains to be had all across our showroom, located just outside of Glasgow’s City Center, pop down, have a browse and make the most of our Black Friday Weekend Sale!

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How to Eat Better and Sleep Easier

Eva Rovere Oak

The two most important things in life are eating and sleeping. If you don’t eat well, you become unhealthy, malnourished, weak, and ill. If you don’t sleep well you become tired, jaded, unfocused, lazy, and unproductive.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that it’s pretty important to eat and sleep in such a way that maximises your ability to properly function and feel your best. Now, I can’t honestly say that anyone at Modish Furnishing is any kind of doctor specialising in sleep cycles, nor are we nutritionists, what we are though are experts in furniture; and this can be just as important when it comes to eating and sleeping!

San Marino Elm Grey

Ensuring your bedroom is somewhere you feel comfortable is a hugely important factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Before your body can rest, your mind must be able to rest first. The best way to help your mind feel relaxed in your bedroom is to create an environment you feel secure and happy in.

For this, Modish Furnishing recommends our brand new Italian range of bedroom furniture. These brand new bedrooms are the ultimate in bedroom furniture and represent a unique shift up in quality from your current bedroom furniture.

San Marino White

Luxurious high gloss finishes give these bedrooms an unrivalled elegance, not to mention the luxurious padded headboards and the sleek LED backlights. Coming in classy white or sophisticated Elm grey the San Marino bedroom will have you feeling at home and at ease, allowing you to gently drift away to a deep and fulfilling sleep.

Elsewhere in the bedroom department is the Eva range. Coming in either a white high gloss or gorgeous oak finish, this bedroom is just as at home in a classical environment as it is the contemporary bachelor pad.

Eva White Bedroom

Elsewhere in the home, we want to make sure you’re eating well, or at least, eating on a great surface! So we’ve added a load of brand new dining tables to our range! These tables range in shape, size, build, design and material, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Valente Extending Dining Table

So whether you like a high gloss finish, wish to indulge in a marble top or prefer a sleek tempered glass design, we’ve got you covered over on our website!

Gabriella Clear Glass Top Table + Six Remo Chairs

Take for example the beautiful Gabriella clear glass dining table and its gorgeous stainless steel legs. This table is available on its own, or if you wish to complete the look, you can purchase it in as a full dining set, complete with six chairs.

If a clear glass top isn’t to your liking, perhaps the Armano is more to your taste, which does have a glass top, but only to add a durability to what is already a superbly design high gloss table. The Armano also features a nifty extending table top, meaning you can fit more guests into your dinner party, or invite more family round for Christmas dinner – should to want to!

Armano Table with Remo Chairs

We’ve got plenty of selection of dining tables and bedroom furniture ranges on our website and in our showroom, so feel free to pop in and have a look! We promise you’ll get sleep better at night and eat better at dinner time when you buy from us!


Five Styles of Mirrors

Every home needs at least one mirror. Most have several. It’s very rare, and pretty strange, for a house to have none. With so much demand for mirrors comes a great deal of choice. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, from wall mirrors to standing mirrors, bathroom mirrors to bedroom mirrors.

With such a wide variety of mirrors to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming at times: Which style? Which size? Which design? Which colour? It’s enough to have you tearing your hair out!

As ever, the purpose of this blog is to inform and aid you in your search for furniture and carpets. So let’s make buying a mirror a touch easier. We’ll even be running 15% off all of our online mirrors throughout October!

Here are 5 styles of mirror you’ll find here at Modish Furnishing:


Old faithful; everyone needs a plain mirror in their life: Something that doesn’t stand out, and does its job without making a fuss about it. The plain mirror has been a staple of home life for generations and while some people might see having a plain mirror as dull or boring, we believe a good, traditional mirror is essential, even in the modern home.


From plain to something a bit different: multi-panel mirrors are growing in popularity and are definitely in vogue right now. These types of mirrors make use of two or more completely separate panels which are aligned to make one full mirror. These mirrors tend to have a way in which they are supposed to be hung, but there’s really no reason you can’t put them up as you please!

This type of mirror gives you freedom and style, as well as a more unique and interesting design; we’re big fans down here at Modish Furnishing and have some great multi-panel mirrors available.


The ornate category of mirrors definitely some of the most sophisticated we have on offer and are a superb way of building the character of a room. If you’re looking for classical elegance as the theme of a room, these mirrors are a wonderful way to achieve this.

Mirrors such as these are more suited to classical styled homes, but could certainly be made to work in a contemporary setting.



Something a bit more striking for the home. A showpiece mirror is something designed to catch the eye and turn a few heads. Designs on these can be anything from floral to oblique and can look absolutely fantastic. A superb way to add something different to a room.

We do eye-catching very well down here at Modish Furnishing, and we have a soft spot for the unique. We hope you’ll like our showpiece mirrors as much as we do!


Hang on, shouldn’t these come under plain? Well, not quite! Some circular mirrors are quite plain, and will fall under that earlier category. However, the circular mirrors we’re talking about here are the more unusual circular designs. Mirrors which give you that extra panache you’re looking for, without being too ‘out there’ or over the top.  

From swirls to sunbursts, there’s something for everyone’s taste in the circular pool of mirrors!



So go on then, which style do you prefer? You can view our full range of mirrors here, or give us a call on 0141 429 3541 to speak to one of our sales experts.

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Wiemann Hollyywood 4 Wardrobe in Alpine White with Taupe Panels

Is that September already? How fast has that came around, only four months until Christmas! This year has flown by, and September has snuck up on us and appeared completely unannounced. At least the kids are back to school though!


The poor summer weather hasn’t really helped. Despite year after year of tragic weather during “summer”, we go into each year with a naive optimism that ‘this year will be our year’ – not dissimilar to the way we support the national football team!

To celebrate September’s arrival, we’ve decided to throw a sale on our online store. Our website is only a month old, and we think it looks amazing. This fresh new look is a lot easier on the eye, easier to navigate and a lot more user-friendly.

Our new website has allowed us to add many more great lines and product ranges than we could ever manage before, all at incredible prices. The whole buying process is made far easier now, Modish Furnishing’s online footprint is growing, right across our online store and on our social media channels, Modish are really starting to make an impact!

Wiemann Hollywood 4 Bedroom Set


Sales like this one are just the beginning, and we will be running all sorts of offers, competitions and sales on our new site.

The current sale will run until the end of September, and all you need to do is use code “SEPT10” at checkout to get 10% off of absolutely anything on our website.

We’ve added some gorgeous new ranges to the site recently, including full bedroom sets, Wiemann Wardrobes and stunning Italian furniture. All of our furniture is sourced from the most acclaimed and skilled furniture makers in the world, and we bring the premium results straight to our customers.

Wiemann Hollywood 4 – Rustic Oak


Some recent additions to the website include this charming rustic oak bedroom set from Wiemann, Germany’s premier manufacturers of luxury bespoke wardrobes. Also from


Wiemann, we’ve added the rest of the Hollywood 4 and Windsor ranges. These collections add a stylish charm to the home, and bring all the practicality we’ve come to expect of furniture sporting the Wiemann name.

Apollo bedroom

To learn more about the online sale at at Modish Furnishing, give us a call on 0141 429 3541, check out our website, Private Message us on Facebook or visit our Glasgow showroom at 82 Seaward Street, Kinning Park, G41 1HJ.

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Billy Connolly and 3D Wall Panels

‘Cube’ Panels

If you’re from Glasgow, you’ll be well aware of the news about the three Billy Connolly murals that have gone up around the city. These massive works of art were commissioned by Glasgow City Council and erected as a 75th Birthday gift, and homage to, to one of Glasgow’s most famous exports.

The murals are spectacular; painted by three very talented, yet very different Scottish artists. Each brings a different part of the city to life in its own unique way. As a massive Billy Connolly fan myself, I went a stroll around the city last week to have a look. I expected to like them, and I did. I think they’re a wonderful addition to the City and I firmly believe in honouring those who have achieved great things, as Billy Connolly has over the last five decades.

However, it was something else that struck me about the 50 foot high works art. Something that superseded the actual content of them, what they were depicting and what they meant. What really stood out to me – even as a long time Billy Connolly-phile – was how attractive and appealing the buildings now were thanks to the murals.

Adding an artistic twist has transformed three previously bland, run down and uninteresting walls into something exciting and striking. The walls have become entities in their own right, full of character and life.

Doing something unusual and decorating the walls differently made has made a world of difference to each building. They’ll attract tourists. They’ll make people smile. They’ll be credited with starting conversations. They’ll brighten people’s day.

Being able to add something unique and interesting to dull walls isn’t exclusive to the big-wigs at Glasgow City Council, though. At Modish Furnishing, we’re giving our customers the opportunity to create something that stands out, literally.

We offer a diverse range of 3D wall panels that will help add another dimension to your home. By opting for 3D wall panels, you will get much more creative freedom when it comes to decorating your home. Paint the panels however you like, arrange them in fun patterns – leaving boring behind.

‘Ramp’ Panels

From refined and subtle shapes to bold and sharp styles, you’ll find anything to match the style you want to bring to a room. The 3D wall panels also come in a plain sand-coloured tone that allows you to paint over them however you like.

More freedom to create means your imagination is the only thing standing in the way of you and your dream home. Interior design will never be the same again now that 3D panels are available.

As well as the style advantages that come with the 3D panels, they’re made from a rigid polyurethane material which makes them tough and durable. Each panel is 50cm x 50cm, installation is easy and you needn’t worry about having to carry out any further treatment or maintenance after the work has been completed.

We have two sections of 3D wall panelling available to view in the demo areas of our showroom, showing the Slot and Slat variations of the panels. Each gives a different feel and you can use them in whichever way you choose. 3D wall panels put the power of design firmly in your own hands.

‘Trio’ Panels

3D Wall Panels allow you to create a home decor environment which stands out. Ordinary is boring. You want friends to be impressed when they walk into your home; you need clients to be wowed when they walk into your offices. 3D Wall Panels will do this.

It’s time to switch it up. While everyone is still stuck on wallpaper, Modish Furnishing are taking decor and design to the next level, adding an extra dimensions of style to the home.

If you’d like to know more about our selection of 3D Wall Panels you can:

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Give your decor another dimension with 3D Wall Panels

Modish Furnishing are now offering decorative 3D wall panels. These 3D wall tiles provide a great alternative to traditional methods of decorating walls and you can see them for yourself in our demo areas at our Glasgow showroom.

It’s important that a room stands out and is noticed, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make it shine as much as you’d like. You’ve spent money on new furniture, some stylish accessories and maybe even a new carpet… but something’s missing and it still feels quite ordinary, quite bland, or even just plain boring.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario to you, then perhaps it’s high time you considered some 3D wall decor.  By decorating in 3D rather than 2D, you are quite literally adding another dimension to the room which will make it catch the eye and impress your guests.

With so much design potential due to the wide selection of panels on offer, opting to use 3D wall panels gives you so much more control over the feel and character of a room’s interior. These modern and fashionable design options offer up a world of choice and possibility when redecorating.

From refined and subtle shapes to more bold and sharp styles, you’ll find anything to match the style you want to bring to a room. The 3D wall panels come in a plain sand-coloured tone that allows you to paint over them however you like.

This means you aren’t restrained by set colours for your new 3D decorative set up. More control over the colour means you can let your imagination run wild and create whichever design or colour scheme comes to mind.

As well as the style advantages that come with the 3D panels, they’re made from a rigid polyurethane material which makes them tough and durable. Each panel is 50cm x 50cm, installation is easy and you needn’t worry about having to carry out any further treatment or maintenance after the work has been completed. 

Once again we’re delighted to be leading the way and bringing something new and innovative to our amazing customer base in Glasgow. 3D wall panels are going to be huge this year and once again Modish have you covered when it comes to the latest trends and fashions!

So pop down to our Glasgow showroom and browse our ranges. There’s something for everyone, whatever your taste!

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