Latest Italian Furniture Ranges from San Martino

Beverley Oak High Gloss Bedroom set
Beverley Oak High Gloss Bedroom set
Beverley Oak High Gloss Bedroom set

When seeking out the finest furniture items, the natural thing to do is look towards Italy. Italian furniture manufacturers have a long history of producing the most premium products of anyone in the world. The craftsmanship, quality and style of the furniture making its way from Italy’s shores is unrivalled. From luxury stone marble dining tables, to beds and wardrobes fit for royalty, we wanted to take a look at some of the best Italian furniture ranges currently on the market. As a premier furniture supplier for San Martino in Glasgow, we decided to focus on them.

Alexa Range by San Martino

Alexa Bedroom Set San Martino Italian Bedroom Furniture
Alexa Bedroom Set

A gorgeous range of bedroom furniture by San Martino, one of the most renowned furniture manufacturers in Europe. This bedroom range is designed with one thing in mind: style. This shines through with its classy light grey high gloss finish. The bed is the stand out piece in the set, with an LED light to add a cool ambient glow to the room. As well as this, the headboard showcases a luxury padding which adds to the already beautiful bedroom set.

The design is constant throughout the range, keeping it classy and refined.

The Alexa Range by San Martino comes with: Bed, bed side tables, mirrored wardrobe, three drawer chest, five drawer tallboy chest and wall mirror.

Micol Range by San Martino

The fusion of cream and grey gives a beautiful, calming effect in the Micol range. Made up of bed, bedsides, mirrored wardrobe, three drawer chest and mirror, this range has everything you’ll need. The styling of the Micol range is truly unique and San Martino has done a wonderful job of creating something that quite simply doesn’t look like anything else on the market. Quite the feat in the world of furniture.

Grey and Cream Bedroom Furniture by San Martino
Micol Range

The uniqueness of this range’s look is definitely its strength. Perfectly suited to an ultra-modern environment, the bed’s LED headboard will add a warm illuminating glow to the bedroom. Rarely does a furniture range catch the eye quite like this.

Chantal Range

white and wood effect bedroom range bedroom furniture san martino italian furniture
Chantal Bedroom Range

Another delightful bedroom range by San Martino. The Chantal range is a modern marvel. Sleek, white gloss, smoothly rounded corners and a classy wood-effect finish combine beautifully in the Chantal range.

Once again lit by ambient LED light, the bed is the focal point of this range. Eye-catching but without being too in your face. The perfect range for the understated customer with a penchant for high-class luxury home furniture.

The Chantal range from San Martino includes: Bed, bed side tables, mirrored wardrobe, three drawer chest and wall mirror.

Beverley Range

beverley bed san martino italian furniture wood effect high gloss bed LED light
Beverley Bed and Bedsides

Sometimes it makes sense to save the best ‘til last. The Beverley high gloss bedroom set tastefully treads the line between classical styling and ultra-modern design. Its ambiguity derives from its elm oak finish. Equally comfortable in a hipster’s studio apartment in Glasgow’s West End or a Victorian townhouse in Edinburgh’s New Town.

The Beverley range from San Martino includes: Bed, bed side tables, five drawer tallboy chest, mirrored wardrobe, three drawer chest and wall mirror.

Modish Furnishing offer the best prices on high class Italian furniture ranges from San Martino. If you find the items cheaper elsewhere, we are more than willing to consider matching the price. We offer a completely personal service to our customers, from start to finish.

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Gabriella Dining Set

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Butterfly Steel White Marble Dining Table

Many of the new dining ranges we’ve added also have matching coffee tables, console tables and lamp tables – meaning you can keep your home coordinated and classy. Doing this really allows you to build the character of your home and takes your interior design to the next level.

Hamburg Bed

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Wiemann Hollyywood 4 Wardrobe in Alpine White with Taupe Panels

Is that September already? How fast has that came around, only four months until Christmas! This year has flown by, and September has snuck up on us and appeared completely unannounced. At least the kids are back to school though!


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Wiemann Hollywood 4 Bedroom Set


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We’ve added some gorgeous new ranges to the site recently, including full bedroom sets, Wiemann Wardrobes and stunning Italian furniture. All of our furniture is sourced from the most acclaimed and skilled furniture makers in the world, and we bring the premium results straight to our customers.

Wiemann Hollywood 4 – Rustic Oak


Some recent additions to the website include this charming rustic oak bedroom set from Wiemann, Germany’s premier manufacturers of luxury bespoke wardrobes. Also from


Wiemann, we’ve added the rest of the Hollywood 4 and Windsor ranges. These collections add a stylish charm to the home, and bring all the practicality we’ve come to expect of furniture sporting the Wiemann name.

Apollo bedroom

To learn more about the online sale at at Modish Furnishing, give us a call on 0141 429 3541, check out our website, Private Message us on Facebook or visit our Glasgow showroom at 82 Seaward Street, Kinning Park, G41 1HJ.

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Italian Furniture: Timeless, Stylish and Cool

Modern Italian furniture with led lights
The Planeta Range

Great Italian Furniture at reasonable prices is very hard to come by. This is especially true here in Glasgow, where there’s little choice. For this reason, Modish Furnishing put great importance on supplying top quality, luxury Italian Furniture.

Imagine there was a World Cup of cool, in which nations battled it out to decide which country is worthy of sitting upon the throne of chic. We’re fairly certain that more often than not, the Italians would win it!

Few other nations have what it takes to compete with those suave and stylish Italians. They make it all look so effortless, while we Brits spend fortunes on the high street in the constant struggle to look semi-presentable.

But luckily for us, the Italians are keen exporters of everything that makes their nation so great and enviable. Fashion and food come right at the top of this list – chances are if you’re reading this blog you’ve probably had some sort of Italian meal within the last week.

There’s something else though, something much more synonymous with the Italian nation and its identity – furniture.

Rich History of Italian Furniture

Classically styled Italian furniture
The Alena Range

When it comes to design and ingenuity, Italy has long been at the forefront of the industry. From architecture to art to interior design, Italy is a beacon for anyone looking for the latest trends and styles. ‘Made in Italy’ is a label which carries a lot of prestige in these fields, and Italy has come to be greatly admired for their continued contributions in these areas.

Italian made goods are synonymous with high quality, and this is certainly the case when it comes to Italian furniture. In Modish Furniture’s relatively short lifespan, we’ve come to learn than almost everything we bring in from Italy is masterfully designed and built to a higher standard than other furniture.

People regularly ask us specifically about Italian furniture, something that can’t be said about items made in other countries. That’s because the prestige of Italian furniture is so strong; whether we’re talking Italian beds, Italian dining sets or Italian sofas, people understand that Italy do it best.

Down here at Modish Furnishing, we’re constantly looking to Italy for inspiration and ideas. In conjunction with some of the biggest and best Italian designers, Modish Furnishing is able to offer high class, luxury items from the home of style.

Among the many great products in our showroom you’ll find plenty of Italian craftsmanship and design. Items of the utmost quality, just as you’d expect from the renowned Italian design houses we work with.

Italian Furniture in Glasgow

Bespoke Wooden Italian Furniture
The Savannah Range

Our advantageous partnerships with these Italian design houses means we are able to bring luxury Italian furniture to Glasgow easily, and at great prices. People assume the costs for Italian furniture are extravagant, but Modish Furnishing gives you affordability as well as opulence: bringing sophisticated, stylish and classy Italian furniture well within budget.

Affordable Italian Furniture

One of the best things about fine Italian furniture is its versatility. It doesn’t matter what kind of home you have, nor the style of the interior, Italian furniture will look great anywhere. That’s because items of the finest quality will always look good, no matter the surroundings.

No matter your style, there’s always room for quality. This is true of ultra modern homes, classical homes and everything in between. When furniture is well made it becomes more adaptable. A shoddy sofa won’t fit in anywhere, but an item of premium build and class will always stand out.

Italian furniture comes with style that is utterly irreplaceable and a feeling that can’t be replicated by anything else. Many manufacturers sacrifice build quality for aesthetics, or vice versa. This is something you don’t need to worry about when you buy Italian furniture.

Bespoke Italian Furniture

We supply unique ranges and collections from some of the most renowned designers in Italy. Sleep like a Roman Emperor in the Bellino and Alena bedrooms or give your home the millionaires touch with the LA Star collection.

By shopping Italian, you’ll be furnishing your home with a prestige that you can’t find anywhere else. This is home decor like you’ve never seen it before. This is Italian superiority.

To learn more about Italian furniture available at Modish Furnishing, give us a call on 0141 440 1195, check out our website, Private Message us on Facebook.

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