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When searching for good quality carpet at a reasonable price, it’s quite easy to come unstuck. After all, many retailers slap massive price tags on their big brand carpets. Throw in the cost of delivery and fitting and you’re looking at remortgaging the house just to get a new carpet.

At Modish Furnishing, the last thing we want is people being either ripped off, or having to cancel their redecorating plans. You deserve to have the carpet you want, and your home should look and feel exactly how you want it. In order to make sure the people of Glasgow are getting the carpet service they deserve, we’ve made sure to include a couple of neat tricks with each carpet!

Free Carpet Fitting Glasgow

That’s right, free carpet fitting! The price you see is the price you pay. No sneaky, underhand tactics to wring your wallet dry! Many retailers (we won’t name names) are known to sting their customers when it comes to the fitting. Well, we can assure you that you won’t have any such issues with us!

Carpet Showroom Glasgow

Carpets with Free Underlay in Glasgow

As well as a free fittings service, we often offer free underlay too, just to sweeten the deal! This offer is available on select carpets, and can make a huge difference to your new carpet. For example, having good quality underlay can increase the longevity of your carpet.

Making this simple addition to your new carpet could mean the difference between having to tear up the floors and start again in 10 years or 20 years.  Fending off wear and tear is your number one priority when it comes to a new carpet, with good quality underlay, it makes that task a lot simpler!

Glasgow carpet showroom
Our Showroom

Glasgow Carpet Fitters with Experience

Our highly skilled carpet fitters have decades of experience under their belts and no job is too tricky or too big. We consistently receive positive feedback about our carpet sales team, the carpet fitters and the overall service we provide to the people of Glasgow and beyond.

Invictus Carpets Glasgow

Currently one of the highest quality ranges we offer, Invictus’ new range of carpets are the ultimate in luxury carpets. 20 year stain warranty, resistance to stains, durable against wear and tear and using state-of-the-art yarn technology: these carpets cannot be beaten.

Check out this very homely video from Invictus. If this doesn’t make you want a new carpet, nothing will!

Free Carpet Measure Glasgow

Have you seen a carpet you like? Or maybe you’re simply considering getting a new carpet but are unaware of the costs. In that case, we’re happy to assist you in your search for a new carpet. We have a huge selection in our showroom for you to browse and enjoy. We also offer a free measuring service to all of our customers.

When you arrange your free measure, one of our carpet experts will come over to your home or business and accurately measure the exact sizes of carpet you need. Once we have this information, we can give you a final price for your carpet fitting.


No hassle, no stress, no hidden costs!

How to book your free measure

If you’d like to book your free measure, or simply ask a few more questions, you can either give us a call on 0141 429 3541, pop into the showroom at 82 Seaward Street, G41 1HJ, or you can fill out our enquiry form, which you can find by clicking here and filling in our enquiry form.


Carpets with Star Quality

Invictus Carpets Logo

Past customers of Invictus Carpets are well aware of the top quality carpets Associated Weavers have created over the years. Many of our carpet customers throughout Glasgow can attest to their quality and durability. The company have outdone themselves once again though, and their new constellation-themed range of carpets is in another galaxy to the competition. In this blog, we’ll look at these new carpets, each named after one of the constellations in the night sky: Sirius, Canopus, Orion, Pegasus, Scorpius and Perseus.

Invictus say these new carpets are here to show you what heavenly comfort feels like. Such a claim sounds outlandish, but the unique combination of texture, body, softness and lustre makes for an outstandingly soft and comfortable carpet.

Variety isn’t forgotten with the new range either. You are able to choose from a varied palette of 14 different colours.

New Yarn

Befitting of a new range, Invictus has developed new yarn technology into the mix. Developed as collaboration with yarn producers around the world, the new iVinci technology has made its way to this range of carpets. This new generation of Solution Dyed Olefin yarns (SDO) delivers superior softness, lustre, bulk and is brutally resistant to stains.

These unique yarns were created using state-of-the-art extrusion methods and employing experts in the fields of chemistry and technology. The result of the exhaustive process is that iVinci was born. The high number and unique shape of the polyolefin filaments both contribute to the outstanding qualities of the new yarn.

Invictus Carpet in Glasgow

Modish Furnishing is a premier supplier of Invictus Carpets and offer free measuring and fitting on ALL Invictus carpets. Such luxury doesn’t normally come at this fantastic a price. Currently, we have the Invictus Sirius carpet available to view (and feel!) in our showroom, with each of the other carpets in the range available to order.

We are able to offer the Sirius range from as little as £20 per square meter, a huge saving on the normal price of around £37.99 per square meter. We provide carpets to Glasgow and throughout the central belt, just give us a call on 0141 429 3541 and we can arrange a free measure!

Carpet Wear and Tear Protection

Invictus means invincible, and that’s what this carpet is designed to be. Each Invictus carpet comes with a 20 year wear warranty, a 20 year stain warranty and is bleach cleanable. No more worrying about ruining your new carpet. With such protection you can afford to relax and not worry about potential spills and stains damaging your new carpet.

The wear guarantee guards against excessive fibre loss from regular use. However, these carpets are created so strongly, and crafted so meticulously that this shouldn’t be an issue! So unless you’ve got a pet rhinoceros, there’s little chance of the Invictus’ thick Saxony pile being impacted by day to day use!

Therefore, we believe this is reason enough to invest in your home’s future by purchasing a new carpet. Without this kind of protection, you could be met with a large bill at any moment; all it takes is one spill! With Invictus and the protection they offer, you are essentially protecting yourself from any unwanted financial surprises in the future.

Free Carpet Measuring and Free Carpet Fitting in Glasgow

Contact Modish Furnishing today to arrange a free measure! We also offer a free fitting service to match. Call us on 0141 429 3541 to speak to our carpet experts. Your new Invictus carpet is only a phone call away.

Alternatively you can fill in our enquiry form on our website here.

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Carpet for Christmas?

isense and invictus carpets in glasgow
Modish Furnishing’s Carpet Showroom in Glasgow

Some people think it’s far too late in the year to be considering buying a carpet. However, we disagree. With such great prices across our carpet showroom in Glasgow, it’s an excellent time to buy a new carpet!

What do you want for Christmas? A nice trip abroad? A new watch? A good pair of socks? How about some peace and quiet? Or time to relax after the tough graft of 2017?

Let’s face it, at Christmas time, what we all want to do is simply rest after a long, hard year. That, and eat our own bodyweight in chocolate!

It can be tough to really relax at Christmas time though, there’s an awful lot going on. Between presents, family and of course, the all important Christmas dinner. It can be difficult to find a moment to yourself.

free carpet fitting in glasgow
Wide selection of carpet at Modish Furnishing

With this in mind, it makes it extra important to have an environment of peaceful tranquillity. So that when you do find a moment to turn the engine off and unwind, you make the most of it. To ensure your home is geared to be your very own calming utopia, you’re going to want to make sure it feels as homely as possible.

New Carpet from the Experts in Glasgow

We’d recommend doing that by investing in a brand new carpet. Nothing helps you relax quite like the recognisable scent of a fresh carpet. The feel of its thick, luscious fibres underfoot is a joy to behold. There’s a reason why people often use the cliché “it’s like walking on air” to describe the feel of a fresh new carpet. There’s really nothing else like it.

Free fitting of invictus carpets
Invictus Carpets in Glasgow – with free fitting

In the run up to Christmas, Modish Furnishing recommends the gift of a new carpet. Something to help warm you through these cold winter months. A new carpet helps to bestow a welcoming coziness into your home over the festive period.

Free Carpet Measuring and Carpet Fitting in Glasgow

At Modish Furnishing, we offer both free measuring and fitting on all carpets, and currently there’s an up to 20% off sale on all carpets. Included in this sale are the well known brand names of iSense and Invictus, leading brand names in carpet.


Invictus Carpet Glasgow

Brand new and available now is the stunning Invictus Centaurus range, which comes with a gorgeous shimmer throughout its fibres. This all new carpet range is one of Invictus best ever and the perfect winter warmer for the Great British home!

Coming in nine distinct and unique tones ranging from cool to warm, this carpet features all of the outstanding attributes we’d expect of an Invictus carpet. For starters, it’s made from the latest polypropylene technology, making the carpet fibres 100% stain resistant: no need to worry about your glass of wine, cup of coffee or messy kids.


Give us a call on 0141 429 3541 or visit our showroom to speak to one of our carpet experts, who will be happy to arrange a free measurement and fitting in your home or commercial premises.

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Carpet with a Shimmering Twist

Invictus Carpet Glasgow Sparkle
Invictus Carpet

It might come as a great surprise to many of you, but a new carpet can do wonders for the winter home. Here, we take a look at the brand new Invictus Centaurus range. This range is available at our Glasgow showroom

Invictus Carpet in Glasgow

Winter is quickly rolling in. We’re beginning to spend more time indoors in the reassuring warmth and comfort of our own homes. We Brits love a cozy night on the sofa in our dressing gowns and joggers. It keeps us well away from the howling gales and piercingly cold Winter rain.

During the cold, dark months of the British winter, keeping your spirits up in a nice warm home is the goal. So what better time to treat yourself to a brand new carpet? Something that feels welcoming and reassuring underfoot. Something to look forward to getting home to while you’re sat in the office, punching away at your keyboard all day.

Invictus Centaurus Glasgow
Invictus Carpet Glasgow

We have just the carpet for you! Brand new into our showroom, the stunning Invictus Centaurus range! This all new carpet range is one of Invictus best ever and the perfect winter warmer for the Great British home!

Invictus Centaurus Carpet in 9 Colours

This carpet is available in nine distinct and unique tones ranging from cool to warm. It also features all of the outstanding attributes we’d expect of an Invictus carpet. For starters, it’s made from the latest polypropylene technology, making the carpet fibres 100% stain resistant. This means there’s no need to worry about your glass of wine, cup of coffee or messy kids!

If a stain resistant guarantee still doesn’t leave you convinced, there’s a 20 year wear and stain warranty thrown in to boot. That means you’re covered for the next two decades! It includes cover against the calamities and wear and tear of the modern home. We think that’s a pretty great deal!

One of the main benefits of polypropylene carpets over traditional, natural fibres is the fact that they are so easy to maintain. The Invictus Centaurus is fully bleach cleanable, something that would be unthinkable when trying to clean a natural thread carpet.

Deep Saxony Pile – Invictus Centaurus

Its 15mm deep Saxony pile means your toes will feel as though you’re walking on air as the soft, luxurious fibres slip between them. Picture waking up on a cold morning and getting out of bed to this. Surely a much more appealing prospect than your bare feet on a cold, hard laminate or wood floor?

However, we’ve not yet come to the most spectacular thing about this new carpet range. What really sets this carpet apart from the rest is the beautiful sparkling shimmer running through it. Not enough to blind your guests, but sufficient enough to give the carpet a little something extra. Without verging into the realm of looking tacky!

This luxurious shine is almost impossible to capture on camera, so we highly recommend coming down to see it with your own eyes!

Invictus Centaurus in Glasgow

Give us a call on 0141 429 3541 or visit our showroom to speak to one of our carpet experts, who will be happy to arrange a free measurement and fitting in your home or commercial premises.

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Abingdon’s Softest Ever Carpet

Here we are again, back to talk about carpets! This time, though, we’re talking about Abingdon’s softest ever carpet. Among the new ranges are Secret Affair, Loving Touch, Lasting Romance and Deep Feeling.

We hope you’re not growing tired of our carpet and flooring chat, but it’s the perfect time of year to be buying! Long enough before the Christmas rush, so you won’t be scrimping and scraping for Santa, and just before the kids go back to school.

With this in mind, Modish Furnishing pull out all the stops and go to great lengths to bring new and exciting carpet ranges to our Glasgow showroom! So this week, we’ve added a whole bunch of new ranges from the Abingdon collection of carpets!

Abingdon Carpets – Best of the Best

Over the years, Abingdon Carpets have been one of our most popular sellers, with a whole bunch of advantages. The new ranges come with just as many benefits and a host of… interesting names, to say the least. Among these new arrivals, we welcome:

  • Secret Affair
  • Loving Touch
  • Lasting Romance
  • Deep Feeling

Not exactly the types of names we’d choose for a carpet, but our expertise is about the carpet itself, not how they should be named!

Benefits of Abingdon Carpets

So what are the advantages of these new carpet ranges? Well, for starters, each one comes with a 10 year warranty. This means you can rest easy without having to worry about spills and stains. In houses with pets and children (or even clumsy adults) the threat of a ruined carpet thanks to a tipped over wine glass or muddy shoes coming through the house is very real. But because of the 10 year manufacturer warranty you won’t lose a minutes sleep over those issues!

Another new development from Abingdon is the use of 100% polyester in their carpets. This is a trend that has been gaining significant popularity in recent years. Abingdon have gone for a brand new weave of polyester, making their new ranges extra sturdy and long lasting.

Caring for your carpet

Wear and tear, like stains and spills, is a real problem with a lot of carpets. High traffic areas suffer the most. These areas around doors tend to slack and wear away quicker than elsewhere in the home. This is something that 100% polyester carpets are able to handle a lot better than naturally weaved fibre carpets. The new Abingdon lines are able to withstand heavy usage over a sustained period of time. Hence it is one of the most durable carpets on the market.

Something that really helps the polyester carpet to stand out is the fact that it’s bleach cleanable. If the worst happens and there’s carpet chaos, you can get the heavy cleaning products out. Abingdon even make the promise that their carpets are guaranteed against ALL household food and drink stains!

British Made Carpets

Abingdon, a well-respected and established British carpet manufacturer, have really upped the game with their new ranges. Their stain guarantees and warranties make these carpets a fantastic choice for the type of family home that wants to have a great new carpet. And without the worry of it getting ruined, and without the burden of an astronomical outlay.

Abingdon Carpets in Glasgow

All of our carpets come with a free fitting and measuring service.

If you’d like to make an enquiry, you can fill in our enquiry form here

Or alternatively you can call us on 0141 429 3541

Or visit us at 82 Seaward Street, Glasgow, G41 1HJ

Carpet Magnificence at Modish Furnishing

Our good friends at Associated Weavers, the company responsible for some of the best ranges of carpet on the market, have done it again. Not content with previous success stories such as their luxurious iSense carpets or earlier Invictus collections, Associated Weavers are back with something pretty special!

There’s a new member to the hugely popular Invictus collection: the Magnificus!

New and Improved Carpet

The Magnificus collection is a step up from previous iterations of Invictus carpets. Learning from their mistakes, while sticking to what makes them so great, Invictus have really pulled it out of the bag with this new carpet.

Demand for 100% Polypropylene carpets is on the rise, and Invictus has listened to the needs of the customers, creating the new Magnificus range from 100% Polypropylene. Where polypropylene carpets were once considered the ‘budget option’, they’re now seen as the sensible choice when it comes to purchasing a new carpet.

Advantages of Polypropylene Carpet

Polypropylene carpets represent state of the art fibre technology and are capable of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday life: such as messy pets and clumsy kids. The technology in these types of carpets help them to retain their soft and sumptuous feel for a lot longer than traditional carpets, giving you more bang for your buck, or carpet for your cash!


One of the most important things polypropylene carpets have going for them though is the fact that they’re bleach cleanable. The Magnificus itself even comes with a 20 year warranty against stains and wear. Most carpet manufacturers only offer as much as a five year warranty. This just goes to show the confidence Associated Weavers have in their polypropylene technology and ‘stain away yarn’.

Does it come in other colours?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the remarkable build and durability of these carpets would mean you’d have to make sacrifices in other departments; this couldn’t be farther from the truth though! The Magnificus boasts Invictus’ softest ever feel, and comes in a wide variety of colours: 15 to be exact!

How much does it cost?

The cost must be astronomical though? Nope! The Magnificus is a cost effective, luxury option capable of improving any home and bringing a room to life. The bleachable polypropylene and 20 year warranty means this carpet will also last you a very long time – saving you money in the long run!

Such is the durability of this carpet, we see it as a great solution for anywhere in the home; your best carpet shouldn’t be limited to the parts of your home with less traffic! This carpet can stand up to the tests of even the busiest of homes without losing its plush feel or gorgeous appearance.

This carpet is easy to install, easy to maintain and even easier on the soles of your feet! Invictus proclaim this to be their softest ever carpet and we have to agree, it’s the best of the Invictus range to date!

What else do you offer?

Modish Furnishing offer free measuring and fitting for all carpets and you can browse our vast range of carpets at our showroom.

To learn more about carpet and flooring options available at Modish Furnishing, give us a call on 0141 429 3541 or visit our Glasgow showroom at 82 Seaward Street, Kinning Park, G41 1HJ.

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New Range of Invictus Carpets at Modish Furnishing

What do you look for when buying a carpet? Style? Feel? The ability to handle the wear and tear of everyday life? Well, here at Modish Furnishing in the heart of Glasgow, we’re pleased to be able to bring you a carpet that satisfies all those needs! We present to you… Invictus Carpets by Associated Weavers!

From the same people who brought you the fantastic iSense collections, which we also provide here at Modish, comes the brand new range of Invictus carpets. Associated Weavers are one of the biggest names in carpet retail, and are one of the largest producers of carpet in Europe and have been the leaders in carpet trends and innovation for many years.

Associated Weavers take great pride in being consistently ahead of the market when it comes to creativity and fashions and once again are leading the way with the Invictus range of carpets.  The new manufacturing process developed for this range results in the Associated Weavers’ softest and most comfortable carpet yet.

Luxury designs combined with hard-wearing polypropylene materials make for a carpet which is highly durable, feels great underfoot and doesn’t falter in the looks department. The solid colours and high-class appearance of the Invictus range are ideal for anywhere in the home and add tranquillity and comfort to each room.

More and more customers are looking for propylene carpets nowadays and Associated Weavers listened. The Invictus range is made from 50% propylene and 50% nylon, making it extremely practical. Its composition means it is able to repel stains and marks that would easily deface many other carpets while remaining soft to the touch – it’s even bleach cleanable!

This range is designed to withstand the busiest of homes. Kids running in and out, clumsy eaters and drinkers, muddy pets – the Invictus range is tough enough to stand up to all of these challenges and remain in-tact and undamaged and free from any wear and tear for many years.

Choosing a new carpet is a huge decision as it’s one of the most important parts of your home. It will become the foundation of your daily life, and will probably be with you for at least 10 years. So it pays to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a new one!

At Modish Furnishing, we offer free estimates and free fitting to all of our customers. We aim to bring you the best products, to help you when buying a new carpet.

So pop down to our Glasgow showroom and browse our ranges. There’s something for everyone, whatever your taste!

Call us on 0141 429 3541

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Glasgow’s Best Carpet Retailers

Can you think of anything that beats that new carpet smell? We certainly can’t. This is why we love all things carpet! So if you’re looking for a new carpet then you’ve come to the right place! Modish Furnishing is Glasgow’s premiere carpet retailers, stocking some of the biggest brands and featuring some of the most luxurious and sought-after ranges and offering free delivery and fitting right across Glasgow.

Our showroom is home to a huge array of carpets, including some of the biggest names in designer carpets such as iSense and Invictus. We have a wide variety of styles, including Saxony, Berber and Cord and even tartan! Our selections also come in a myriad of different colours and fabrics.

We provide carpets made from both natural fibres as well as Polypropylene carpets, which are becoming ever more popular among our customers. Quite often carpets can come in a blend of both the man-made Polypropylene and natural fibres such as wool, giving you get the best of both worlds.

A carpet is subject to many different tests and trials over the years. From clumsy and careless kids to your pets and shoes, you need a carpet that can stand the test of time.  This is why people are opting for Polypropylene over natural fibres more and more in recent years.

The carpet you lay is one of the most important parts of your home. It is the foundation of your daily life and as it’s going to be with you for an average of around 10 years, you’d better make the right decision when it comes to choosing it!

That’s why it pays to come to the experts. And here at Modish Furnishing, we offer free estimates and free fitting to all of our customers! We aim to bring our customers the best products at the best prices while also delivering a first class service.

Our in-store carpet experts are some of the best in the business and know this stuff like the back of their hands. They will be more than happy to assist you and answer all your questions and help guide you through the process, making buying your new carpet as simple and stress-free as possible.

So pop down to our Glasgow showroom and browse our ranges. There’s something for everyone, whatever your taste!