Best Marble Furniture Deals

Stone International Horizon Marble Dining Table

If you’re looking for the best marble furniture deals online, you’ve come to the right place. The world of natural stone furniture can be complicated and confusing, we try to make it simple here at Modish Furnishing.

So why is marble furniture so popular?

Just as rich oak furniture transcends styles and remains timeless year after year, marble never goes out of fashion. It exudes a class that few other materials can match.

Marble has long demonstrated wealth, class and luxury. When people are looking for a dining table to be the centrepiece of their home, it’s no surprise they opt for the unique and timeless luxury that marble offers.

What types of marble are available?

The variations of stone and marble furniture are seemingly endless. It is available in a wide array of vibrant colours and effects.

One of the most beautiful and interesting things about natural stone is its uniqueness. Every piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

This means that if you purchase a marble dining table, there won’t be another exactly the same in the world.

How many people can honestly say their furniture is unique?

With so much happening in each piece of stone, the variations and imperfections almost look like they’re dancing in front of your eyes.

It’s these differences and blemishes which make stone tables so inspiring and sought after.

None of these “blemishes” or “imperfections” are defects, they are simply the innate attributes of the natural materials.

The veins of a stone dining table can be truly awe-inspiring.

Where does the marble come from?

Our Italian suppliers source their marble from quarries across the world. From Africa across to Europe and Asia, each different type of stone comes from different parts of the world.

The stone is then transferred to Italy where it is turned carved into individual pieces ready for furniture. The expert Italian craftsmen make dining tables, coffee tables and console tables which then go on to be sold around the world.

The amount of time and effort required to make a marble dining table is what results in the premium price tags.

Buying Marble Furniture

If you’re looking to purchase marble furniture, have a browse through our site and find the perfect type of stone for you.

Once you have found one that takes your breath away, you’ll need to decide on the sizes that suit your requirements. Stone furniture is fully customisable and can be made into furniture at whatever size you require.

After that, you can choose one of the many bases on offer. Each base has its own unique style and character.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our marble products, give us a call. We ship to the whole of the United Kingdom, but our office is based in Glasgow. Our staff are experts in all things marble furniture and are more than willing to offer advice and guidance.

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Benefits of Ceramic Furniture

ceramic dining table ceramic sideboard
Agata Ceramic Range

At the beginning of each year, we send our furniture boffins out on fact-finding missions. They go to Italy, Germany and even to China in search of the latest trends and developments in furniture. When they come back, their heads are spinning with new ideas and their notepads are full of information about which new styles are going to be sweeping the nation over the next 12 months.

When they returned from their world tour, they had some news, this year, it seems, ceramics are the must-have item. We currently have a few stunning ceramic ranges to choose from, which include ceramic dining tables, ceramic coffee tables, ceramic lamp tables and ceramic sideboards. These ranges have proved popular, so today, we thought we’d list some of the benefits of going ceramic.

Ceramic Furniture Looks Great

Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder; however, a dining table with a ceramic top just has an extra bit of panache and style than its competitors! Take the wonderfully sleek and cool extendable Westin dining table. Everyone has their own opinion and tastes, but the distinctiveness of a ceramic table makes it more attractive in my eyes. And on that note…

Westin Dining Table

Ceramic Table Tops are Unique

As is the case with any natural material, each slab is completely individual and one of a kind. The look of a ceramic surface is beautiful and natural. Similar effects can be found on marble dining tables.  As with any product, whether it is a dining table, a watch or a pair of shoes, everyone wants theirs to be their own; ceramic furniture gives you this option and is cheaper than a marble table too.

Ceramics are durable – very durable

So you’ve spent a small fortune on your brand new dining table or coffee table; you’re relaxing at home, admiring the way the light hits the surface… and you notice a big fat scratch. Game over.

This is an obvious concern in the modern home, but not with a ceramic table top. Ceramic is completely scratch proof and will not dent either; nor will it stain. So you can let your kids do their worst at the dinner table or stick their feet up on the coffee table without having to worry about the repercussions!

Side note: ceramics can also withstand extremely hot temperatures, so unless you live in a volcano, there’s no chance of it ever melting!

Shop ceramics at Modish Furnishing

Modish Furnishing is an independent Furniture retailer based just outside of Glasgow’s City Centre. We offer a range of modern furniture options and provide free delivery to the UK mainland. To learn more about our ceramic ranges (or any other range) give us a call on 0141 429 3541 and one of our experts will be glad to help.

Alternatively, pop down and visit our expansive showroom: 82 Seaward Street, Glasgow G41 1HJ.  

Stone International Dining Tables – Stone Selections

Create a Unique Stone International Dining Table

stone international dining table stone selection marble granite onyx travertine

Stone International Dining tables are the cream of the crop when it comes to dining room furniture. No other dining table can deliver such a striking, unique design. These tables allow you to stand out from the rest and create something unique in your home. I did say “create”; this is because there is a huge selection of stones to choose from when buying a Stone International table. This gives you the opportunity to have something distinctively yours.

stone international dining table stone selection marble granite onyx travertine

Below, you can find much more detail about each of the available stone finishes you can choose from when buying a Stone International dining table.

Marbles, Granites, Travertines – All Natural Stones

The stones and marbles used in Stone International product are all natural – presenting all the variations and unique colourings found in nature. Because they are natural products, no two pieces will look alike. None of the natural veins, pores, and variations are to be considered defects, but instead characteristics that make your table on of a kind and enhance its beauty.


Travertine is a sedimentary rock that is naturally porous. Some of the open pores and veins may be filled in manufacturing. The color of the veins and the amount of fill needed depend entirely on the nature of the particular travertine top. Dark veins may randomly occur on the table top or edge of the table – depending only on the mineral content present in that articular piece of stone. In some instances, tiny openings are not filled and remain open. Open pores on the edges of the table are not filled to leave the piece in its natural state.

Polished Light Travertine

Walnut Travertine 

Polished Walnut Travertine

The brown color of walnut travertine is natural to the stone. As in all stones, the color is determined by the mineral content present in the earth during its formation, and in this stone can vary from beige to dark brown and from light gray to black. Because of the vast variations in color present in this particular stone, we use a clear resin to fill the natural pores. This clear resin enhances the depth of color and provides a relatively uniform shine. Because the fill material is clear, some areas require that we use fragments of the stone itself to occupy the resin. These fragments are handplaced and their size and density will vary. In addition, the seam between the stone and the fill can sometimes leave a notable transition that could be mistaken for a crack. This notable transition is unavoidable when it occurs and does not sacrifice the stability of your table in any way.



Tivoli is a variation of natural travertine. It is a sedimentary rock that is also naturally porous. Slabs are cut against the natural course of the veins and as a result the appearance will show a cloudy effect where darker areas might also be present depending on the mineral content found in that particular piece of stone.

Tivoli Crystallized : 

Tivoli Crystallized is a stone treatment achieved combining the Tivoli stone with natural crystals. Crystals are manually placed in the natural cavities and pores of the Tivoli slabs. The surface is then covered with a product especially developed to maintain the natural shine of the crystals. The liquid fills in the cavities and open pores of the Tivoli without affecting the reflecting features of the crystals. The slab will then go through a series of processes with high and low temperatures to harden the liquid used on the surface and it is then polished with a buffer to generate the great effect of the Tivoli Crystallized.

Tivoli with Silver Crystals
Tivoli with Gold Crystals
Tivoli with Copper Crystals
Siena with Silver Crystals
Siena with Gold Crystals


Marbles come in many natural colors and each presents natural veining. The coloration and veining are all determined by the minerals present during formation. Veining can often provide a certain inconsistency in the surface texture of your table top and might even require some fill to be used. These variations and natural markings are to be expected.

Cortina White
Amani Light

Amani Dark



Granite tends to be the hardest and most regular stone that we use in our manufacturing. The color and surface are mostly consistent, although natural intrusions are always possible.

Grey Granite
Forest Brunello
Forest Green
Absolute Black Granite
Sahara Noir
Desert Stone
Desert Stone with Fossils


Because our tables are all naturally polished, the polish will vary across your table top. This is simply a result of a natural polish on a natural stone and one more way to emphasize the inherent unique beauty of each table.

Green Onyx
Red Onyx
Brown Onyx
Princess Onyx
Fantastic Onyx
White Onyx


Caring for Your Natural Stone Table

For Stains

Always wash with clear water and wipe with a dry cloth, and re-wax after any cleaning or

Buy Stone International Dining Tables

You can browse our selection of Stone International Dining Tables by clicking here. If you’d like to discuss the various selections of stone and would like to create something unique, give us a call on 0141 440 1195 and we will guide you through the process.

Modish Furnishing are a Glasgow based furniture retailer specialising in luxury items, including Stone International. We have a wide selection of furniture available on our website.

How to Eat Better and Sleep Easier

Eva Rovere Oak

The two most important things in life are eating and sleeping. If you don’t eat well, you become unhealthy, malnourished, weak, and ill. If you don’t sleep well you become tired, jaded, unfocused, lazy, and unproductive.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that it’s pretty important to eat and sleep in such a way that maximises your ability to properly function and feel your best. Now, I can’t honestly say that anyone at Modish Furnishing is any kind of doctor specialising in sleep cycles, nor are we nutritionists, what we are though are experts in furniture; and this can be just as important when it comes to eating and sleeping!

San Marino Elm Grey

Ensuring your bedroom is somewhere you feel comfortable is a hugely important factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Before your body can rest, your mind must be able to rest first. The best way to help your mind feel relaxed in your bedroom is to create an environment you feel secure and happy in.

For this, Modish Furnishing recommends our brand new Italian range of bedroom furniture. These brand new bedrooms are the ultimate in bedroom furniture and represent a unique shift up in quality from your current bedroom furniture.

San Marino White

Luxurious high gloss finishes give these bedrooms an unrivalled elegance, not to mention the luxurious padded headboards and the sleek LED backlights. Coming in classy white or sophisticated Elm grey the San Marino bedroom will have you feeling at home and at ease, allowing you to gently drift away to a deep and fulfilling sleep.

Elsewhere in the bedroom department is the Eva range. Coming in either a white high gloss or gorgeous oak finish, this bedroom is just as at home in a classical environment as it is the contemporary bachelor pad.

Eva White Bedroom

Elsewhere in the home, we want to make sure you’re eating well, or at least, eating on a great surface! So we’ve added a load of brand new dining tables to our range! These tables range in shape, size, build, design and material, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Valente Extending Dining Table

So whether you like a high gloss finish, wish to indulge in a marble top or prefer a sleek tempered glass design, we’ve got you covered over on our website!

Gabriella Clear Glass Top Table + Six Remo Chairs

Take for example the beautiful Gabriella clear glass dining table and its gorgeous stainless steel legs. This table is available on its own, or if you wish to complete the look, you can purchase it in as a full dining set, complete with six chairs.

If a clear glass top isn’t to your liking, perhaps the Armano is more to your taste, which does have a glass top, but only to add a durability to what is already a superbly design high gloss table. The Armano also features a nifty extending table top, meaning you can fit more guests into your dinner party, or invite more family round for Christmas dinner – should to want to!

Armano Table with Remo Chairs

We’ve got plenty of selection of dining tables and bedroom furniture ranges on our website and in our showroom, so feel free to pop in and have a look! We promise you’ll get sleep better at night and eat better at dinner time when you buy from us!


Dine Differently

Victory Dining Table

I went out for dinner in Glasgow last night. I had a lovely meal. I don’t get out for dinner very often, but when I do, I make sure I go somewhere interesting. I do all the research, read all the reviews and trawl through the Instagram archives. Making sure I have the highest quality dining experience is essential.

Experience is the key word here. A dining experience isn’t all about the food on offer, although obviously that’s a big help! No, a dining experience means the full shebang: absolutely everything that’s involved around the act of you enjoying your meal.

That’s the ambiance of the room, the tranquility of the environment, the quality of service, the location, the noise, the decor, the company, the dining table.

It’s the dining table which is at the heart of the entire experience. The dining table is equivalent to foundations of the house. Start from there, build up and around and eventually you’ll have the complete package: the whole dining experience.

At Modish Furnishing we place a great deal of importance and emphasis on the dining table. Some will say it’s just a table, but to us it’s a whole lot more. As well as helping to create the feel of your entire dining experience, it will most likely be the focal point of the dining room; a key area in your home.

Moon Dining Table

The dining table is where the family will gather to discuss their problems, talk about their days and spend quality time with one another. It’s where disagreements will be discussed, and hopefully resolved. It’s where relationships will be built, friendships solidified and differences of opinion will be debated.

Your experiences at your dining table, alongside your friends and family, will be unique to you. So your dining table should be something unique too. It should light up a room. Inspire conversation; perhaps even debate.  Quite simply, it should make your home a better place.

At Modish Furnishing, when picking out our next selection of dining tables, we’ve taken all of this into account. We’ve chosen dining tables which are one of a kind. Dining tables which you won’t find anywhere else. No one wants to be asked to dinner at a friend’s house and see the exact same dining table at their house.

Modish Furnishing’s distinctive range of dining tables comes in a variety of different sizes, styles and finishes. From luxurious and unmatchable marble tops to ultra-modern dining tables with a sleek glass top, there’s something for all tastes.

Elba Dining Table

Matching the feel of your home is another crucial factor to consider when choosing your new dining table; a contemporary glass-top dining table with unconventional stainless-steel legs probably won’t match up in a classical style of home. Equally, a home filled with ultra-modern furnishings may not suit an oak-wood table dining table.

That’s why we make sure we have all manner of styles of all the furniture we stock. This ensures that no matter the feel of your home, you’ll find something that will fit right in and work within your home environment.

Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of the customer. We strive to bring our customers the best, the latest and the most interesting products. And with the latest selection of dining tables that have become available… we really do believe we’re succeeding in bringing the most interesting dining tables to Glasgow.

Espresso Dining Table

Our Glasgow showroom is home to a small but impressive selection of dining tables, but our online store and our social media channels are where you’ll find the majority of what we are able to bring you. Our social media channels are especially good places to see the very best and most notable of what Modish Furnishing can offer.

As ever, you’re more than welcome down at Modish HQ (82 Seaward Street Glasgow, G41 1HJ) to browse our ranges and talk to the experts. Likewise, if you see something online you like and would want more information, you can pop down or give us a call and tell you all you need to know, helping you to make an informed and sensible decision.

The tables featured in this blog are from a brand new supplier, and as such aren’t yet available on our website, please call us on 0141 429 3541 if you are interested in any of these tables. 

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