How to Eat Better and Sleep Easier

Eva Rovere Oak

The two most important things in life are eating and sleeping. If you don’t eat well, you become unhealthy, malnourished, weak, and ill. If you don’t sleep well you become tired, jaded, unfocused, lazy, and unproductive.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that it’s pretty important to eat and sleep in such a way that maximises your ability to properly function and feel your best. Now, I can’t honestly say that anyone at Modish Furnishing is any kind of doctor specialising in sleep cycles, nor are we nutritionists, what we are though are experts in furniture; and this can be just as important when it comes to eating and sleeping!

San Marino Elm Grey

Ensuring your bedroom is somewhere you feel comfortable is a hugely important factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Before your body can rest, your mind must be able to rest first. The best way to help your mind feel relaxed in your bedroom is to create an environment you feel secure and happy in.

For this, Modish Furnishing recommends our brand new Italian range of bedroom furniture. These brand new bedrooms are the ultimate in bedroom furniture and represent a unique shift up in quality from your current bedroom furniture.

San Marino White

Luxurious high gloss finishes give these bedrooms an unrivalled elegance, not to mention the luxurious padded headboards and the sleek LED backlights. Coming in classy white or sophisticated Elm grey the San Marino bedroom will have you feeling at home and at ease, allowing you to gently drift away to a deep and fulfilling sleep.

Elsewhere in the bedroom department is the Eva range. Coming in either a white high gloss or gorgeous oak finish, this bedroom is just as at home in a classical environment as it is the contemporary bachelor pad.

Eva White Bedroom

Elsewhere in the home, we want to make sure you’re eating well, or at least, eating on a great surface! So we’ve added a load of brand new dining tables to our range! These tables range in shape, size, build, design and material, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Valente Extending Dining Table

So whether you like a high gloss finish, wish to indulge in a marble top or prefer a sleek tempered glass design, we’ve got you covered over on our website!

Gabriella Clear Glass Top Table + Six Remo Chairs

Take for example the beautiful Gabriella clear glass dining table and its gorgeous stainless steel legs. This table is available on its own, or if you wish to complete the look, you can purchase it in as a full dining set, complete with six chairs.

If a clear glass top isn’t to your liking, perhaps the Armano is more to your taste, which does have a glass top, but only to add a durability to what is already a superbly design high gloss table. The Armano also features a nifty extending table top, meaning you can fit more guests into your dinner party, or invite more family round for Christmas dinner – should to want to!

Armano Table with Remo Chairs

We’ve got plenty of selection of dining tables and bedroom furniture ranges on our website and in our showroom, so feel free to pop in and have a look! We promise you’ll get sleep better at night and eat better at dinner time when you buy from us!


New Winter Bedroom Ranges

Winter is coming. At least that’s what Game of Thrones has been telling us for the last seven years, (20+ if you read the books!). It’s now September, the nights are dimming, the path the sun takes through the sky is dipping ever lower, and the temperature is dropping.

Not the most enjoyable time of year for most, with the vast majority of people dreading the cold days, perishing nights, lack of Vitamin D and the risk of snow and slush. It can be an awfully dispiriting time, but it can also be a positive time, depending on how you view it.

Cosy nights in, mugs of hot chocolate, sumptuously cosy sweaters, a new scarf! The cold, dark nights needn’t be all bad. For this reason, we’ve picked out the types of bedrooms to get you through the tough winter months.

These are the types of Bedrooms you’ll enjoy being cooped up in during those horrendous rain storms. Places to relax and listen to the wind as it blows a hoolie outside your window. We’ve even specially chosen each bedroom as it features an LED headboard, to save you getting up to turn the big light on!

So without further adieu here are the six best bedrooms to help you through the winter:

The Davoli    

The ultra-modern Davoli bedroom is made by one of our more exclusive suppliers, based in Italy. And just as you’d expect from Italian furniture designers, the Davoli is stunning to gaze upon. An all white design is given deep, dark edges which both refine and enhance its classy style. Its showpiece attraction, though, is in the sparkling headboard design, which really sets the piece off.

The diamante design on the headboard is accompanied by an LED light for some extra shine during the dark winter months, making this bedroom set striking, memorable and especially useful when you want to do some late night reading! The bedroom set comes with a four door wardrobe, three drawer chest, bedside tables and a mirror: all the bedroom furniture you could ever need.

The Jessica

Jessica Bedroom

Once again coming from Italy, the Jessica bedroom set is the perfect way to bring a refined and subtle style to the bedroom.

High quality whites and gorgeous deep charcoal gloss hues is fused with beautiful chrome handles and legs to create something quietly spectacular.

Visually, this bedroom set is a treat on the eye, and this isn’t represented anywhere as well as in the headboard.  A luminous LED light is partnered with subtle diamante crystals to add a spark to the bedroom and really make it stand out.

The curvy nature of the LED headboard design is in direct contrast with the straight edge nature of the rest of the bedroom, making the opus of the bed stand out even more.

Featuring a four door wardrobe, three drawer chest, bedside tables and a mirror, this set has it all.

Isabel Deluxe & Isabel Supreme

Isabel Deluxe

Two bedrooms cut from the same cloth but with one vital difference. Both Isabel bedrooms come with two bedsides, a three drawer chest and a four door wardrobe, all of which are the same for both the Deluxe and the Supreme versions of the set.

The main difference in the case of this bedroom set is the headboard: the Deluxe features a more luxurious padded headboard, to help gentle ease you off to sleep; while the Supreme has a more hard-hitting, striking design.

Deluxe Padded Headboard

Think of the Deluxe and Supreme as Ying and Yang, one for the comfort lovers and one for the people who want to turn a few heads. The LED lights in these headboards, especially the Deluxe, look fantastic: Not too in your face, but still with enough of an impact to really make these beds stand out.

Which one do you prefer?

Isabel Supreme

The Micol Bedroom

Ahh the Micol, could you really be any more beautiful? This stunning bedroom throws out the rulebook and injects distinct patterns throughout its design, even going so far as to use its curved stylings to the mirror on the four door wardrobe.

The bedroom mixes lush creams with intense greys in order to create a look that is not only unique, but that will also catch the eye. High gloss has never looked better than it does on this Micol Bedroom Set.

As with the other sets in this range, an LED light is featured, as well as a four door wardrobe, three drawer chest and two bedsides.

The Sharon Bedroom

Last but certainly not least is the Sharon. This might just be the most glamourous of them all… with sparkling cracked effects used to border the bed, wardrobe and mirror, as well as beautiful chrome handles, this white gloss bedroom set is simply spectacular.

Of all the headboards looked at in this blog, Sharon’s is right up there in the running in the “Best of” awards category. Unusual and distinct, its design almost resembles a crack on a sheet of glass or on a vast expanse of arctic ice.

The ‘crack’ is laden with diamante crystals which shimmer and shine, even without the in-built LED light!

Bedroom Sets at Modish Furnishing

Each of the bedroom sets listed come with a bed, wardrobe, bedsides, chest and mirror, but can also be ordered as individual items; get in touch with us at 0141 429 3541 or [email protected] to enquire about buying items individually. 

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Everything you need to know about: Ottoman Furniture

Chelsea Ottoman Bed

History of Ottoman Furniture 

The history of Ottoman furniture is as rich and varied as the Ottoman Empire itself. The Empire, which lasted just over 700 years before crumbling after the First World War. As you’d expect, with an empire that lasted for so long and spanned so much of Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, many of the cultural remnants can still be found throughout modern civilisation.

Cultural artefacts such as language, religion, architecture, food recipes, art, and fashion are all items which have survived the death of the once great Ottoman Empire. However, something which has not only survived, but has also spread itself across western culture and even assimilated itself more prominently than any of these things is the furniture of the time.

Ottoman styles of furniture was a name traditionally given to wooden chests or boxes which would be used as chairs, footstools and benches, as well as doubling up as a way of storing things. These wooden pieces of furniture would be upholstered and padded, in order to make them comfortable to sit on. A lot may have changed in the world since the 14th century but we still share the need for comfort with our distant ancestors!

Ottoman furniture is believed to have begun being exported from the Ottoman Empire more commonly at around the 18th century, when it started to make its way into French and English homes. At around this time, it would have likely only been the higher, more affluent classes in society which would have been able to afford such luxuries.

It is for this reason that, while Ottoman furniture is now much more widely affordable, it still retains a certain aura of luxury and class. It’s not difficult to imagine Ottoman furniture gracing the castles and stately homes of high society types a few centuries ago.

Katherine Ottoman Bed

Ottoman Furniture today

Nowadays, Ottoman furniture is extremely popular. Its versatility means it can fit in to just about any surroundings and still look fantastic. Also setting it apart from much of the competition is its practicality.

Storage space is becoming harder and harder to find in this day and age. We have more ‘stuff’ than ever. Today’s human beings are experts at acquiring things they don’t need,  resulting in almost every single one of us suffering from a lot of unnecessary clutter around the house.

It’s no wonder then that Ottoman furniture, a discreet and subtle storage solution, is so popular in the 21st century.  Most commonly now, Ottomans come in the form of beds. Beautifully designed and upholstered beds with a wealth of storage space underneath the mattress.

These inexpensive items are a fantastic way of adding charm to the room as well as tactfully hiding away your clothes or clutter. These are especially excellent solutions for kid’s bedrooms, which as any parent knows, can be a minefield of toys and playthings.

The advantages of an Ottoman bed are clear and it really is no surprise that these are some of the most popular items in our showroom and on our website. They look great, provide an excellent storage solution and exude elegance, class and sophistication.

Kensington Ottoman Bed

Ottoman Furniture in Glasgow

As ever, Modish Furnishing are proud to be leading the way when it comes to the best in luxury furniture items. We have an impressive selection of Ottoman beds on our website, as well as several on display in our showroom.

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What are the benefits of Pocket Sprung Mattresses?

There’s nothing more important than getting a good night’s sleep. It allows you to shake off the hardships of the day before and unwind. Giving your body that much needed rest it needs to perform throughout the following day. Having spent years selling mattresses in Glasgow, we know a thing or two about the best type of mattress, and how to get the best night’s sleep!

Unfortunately, many people suffer from a poor night’s sleep. With the quality of their mattress coming in high on the list of causes. This is why we’re delving deeper into the complicated and confusing world of mattresses in this series of blogs.

Last week we looked at the advantages of memory foam mattresses, which you can read here… and this week we’ll be taking a closer look at the memory foam mattress’ arch nemesis, the traditional, pocket-spring mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattresses Last Longer

When you purchase a top-quality pocket spring mattress, with a high spring count – you’re getting a mattress that can go the distance. By maintaining the mattress well and regularly flipping, you will easily be able to get up to 10 years out of it without noticing any sag. This is in contrast to memory foam, which by its very nature will unfortunately suffer from sag over time.

Memory foam mattresses have a great deal of benefits, but longevity isn’t one of them. Opting for a pocket spring mattress will future proof you and save you having to worry about the inconvenience of buying a new mattress again for a while!

Pocket Spring Mattresses Utilise Independent Springs

This may seem like an obvious point. However, it is one of great importance -especially for couples! Having springs independent of one another means that two people sleeping on either side of the mattress are using different springs. Independent springs, therefore, means one person not affecting the other’s side of the bed.

In open coil mattresses, if one person is heavier than the other, then the lighter person will end up rolling towards the middle of the bed. Likewise with memory foam. Once one person has their ‘groove’ moulded into the memory foam mattress, there’s no room for manoeuvre. This means memory foam mattresses could prove problematic for some couples.

Pocket spring mattresses are a great choice for people who struggle to get a good night’s rest while sharing a bed. Couples with differing weights and support requirements should consider a pocket spring mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattresses Offer Great Support

Mattresses with high pocket spring counts are able to offer an incredible amount of support. As the pocket spring count goes up, the mattress becomes more firm. This allows the weight of the body to be distributed over a greater number of pocket springs.

This allows you to carefully select the level of firmness which is best for you. Some people prefer firm mattresses and others prefer soft; some people require a certain kind of mattress to aid them with various issues such as back or joint pain.

As your weight is distributed over each of the springs, the mattress will completely support your body. This allows the body to fully relax giving you a great night’s rest.

Pocket Spring Mattresses Feel More Luxurious

This may seem like more of a subjective point and something that comes down to each person’s own personal preference. However, we believe there is no greater feeling than a pocket spring mattress of the right firmness packed with a dense mixture of natural materials. We recommend lamb’s wool for extra comfort!

This is a feeling that a memory foam mattress just can’t replicate with its man-made, synthetic mix of lab-produced foam.

Pocket Spring Mattresses Aren’t Warm

If, like me, you prefer to sleep in a cool environment, then a pocket spring mattress is the choice for you. Memory foam mattresses are well-known for the heat they give off and can leave you tossing and turning through the night. No one likes kicking the duvet off and on, just to escape the horrors of a sweltering hot night’s sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattresses Don’t Smell

Ok, you might be wondering what on earth we’re talking about, but if you’ve ever owned a memory foam mattress you’ll completely understand!

Memory foam mattresses unfortunately come with a very distinct smell due to the synthetic foam and the chemicals used to create it. The smell doesn’t last forever but will be around for a few weeks or so and isn’t the most pleasant fragrance.

Pocket spring mattresses don’t suffer with this issue. So in this case we give this point as a win for the mattresses with pocket springs!

Pocket Spring Mattress in Glasgow

Modish Furnishing offers a wide range of pocket spring and memory foam mattresses. Many of these mattresses are available to view and demo at our Glasgow showroom, where you can also benefit from speaking to one of our expert advisors.

We offer pocket spring and memory foam mattresses to suit a range of budgets. With each mattress chosen individually for its build quality and comfort. You don’t need to take my word for it though, pop down to our Glasgow showroom and test them for yourself.

Modish Furnishing offers a range of bespoke and luxury furniture, flooring and homeware items to its customers throughout Scotland.  We provide a mix of the highest quality luxury items down to more affordable items. Perfect for those seeking top-quality, luxurious style at a more reasonable cost.

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Everything you need to know about: Memory Foam Mattresses

Buying a mattress is not an easy thing to do. As well as the monetary investment, there needs to be a lot of time and thought put into the mattress buying process. And rightly so, it’s a huge decision. We spend roughly one third of our entire life in bed. That’s a lot of time on your mattress. So you’d better make sure you choose the right one!

Luckily, Modish Furnishing is on hand to guide you through purchasing your next mattress. We will help you avoid all the common pitfalls, while ensuring you make the right choice. One thing we’re consistently asked about when it comes to mattresses is the pros and cons to of a memory foam mattress.

The popularity of memory foam mattresses has soared in recent years and there’s good reason for that. Memory foam mattresses come with benefits that their pocket sprung counterparts can only dream of. Here at Modish Furnishing we have a massive selection of memory foam mattresses to choose from. Many of which are on display at our Glasgow showroom, ranging from economical to luxury.

So, here for you, are some of the advantages of memory foam mattresses:

Less strain on the body with memory foam

Memory foam mattresses mould to the shape of your body when you lie on it. This allows your weight to be distributed evenly across the top of the mattress. There is a thin layer of memory foam is located above a base of more solid and non-memory foam. This feeling of soft foam moulding under your figure is the ultimate in comfort. It can give a much better night’s sleep than a standard pocket sprung mattress.

Memory foam mattress can relieve aches and pains

Are you one of the many people who suffer from sore joints or a stiff back in the morning? A memory foam mattress might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. The nature of the conforming foam has a big impact on your sleeping posture. Sleeping with a bad posture is one of the main causes of aches and pains and a memory foam mattress can help to correct your posture while you sleep.

A better posture can result in a better night’s sleep and allow you to wake up and start the day free of aches, pains and discomfort.

Memory Foam Mattresses Can Help Alleviate Stress

As mentioned before, with memory foam your body won’t be blighted by the same uncomfortable pressure points as other mattresses, meaning your body can be allowed to fully relax when sleeping. This gives your body the opportunity to de-stress during the night, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for people with allergies

People who suffer from allergies or breathing problems relating to dust will benefit greatly from switching to a memory foam mattress. The foam used to make the mattress is hypo-allergenic, meaning it is highly unlikely that the products will cause allergic reactions in people.

Memory foam mattresses are a much cleaner way to sleep, the hypoallergenic and antibacterial nature of memory foam mattresses means bed bugs are a fear of the past. For people who suffer from allergies and complications related to breathing such as asthma, making the change to memory foam could have a huge impact in the quality of your sleep.

Memory foam mattress in Glasgow

For memory foam mattresses in Glasgow, coming to Modish Furnishing really is the smart choice. We have the expertise and experience to match our wide selection of memory foam mattresses. From cheaper, more economical memory foam mattresses to more costly memory foam mattresses at the top of the range, as well as everything in between; Modish Furnishing will help you through the often stressful and taxing process of buying a new mattress.

Stay tuned to the blog where we’ll be looking more at memory foam mattresses in the coming weeks, as well as investigating the pros and cons of more traditions pocket sprung mattresses.

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