40% Deposit

Buy Today with 40% Deposit

Forty Percent Deposits Available on Select Ranges

With so many of our furniture collections being made-to-order items, delivery times can stretch as far as 12 weeks.

We understand that in today’s modern world where the pace of life is so fast, this is a long time to wait.

However, as with anything of premium quality, it’s more than worth the wait.

Should you have to pay 100% now even though it will be 8-10 weeks before you receive your bespoke marble dining table?

We don’t think so.

For this reason we offer a 40% deposit option for your purchase.

Customers can pay 40% deposit on their order, and then the remainder of their balance will need to be paid when the furniture arrives to our warehouse.

Once the balance is paid in full, we can deliver it to you.

This saves you having to pay for it all in one hit and enables you to spread the cost.

Simply give us a call and we can discuss your order and arrange payment via secured payment over the phone, BACS or Paypal.

If you use our telephone payment method, we guarantee your security. None of our staff will see or hear your card details during the payment process, as this is handled by a secure third-party payment gateway.

How do I use 40% deposit option?

Where our 40% deposit option is available, you will find it on the product page. Simply follow the steps on the product page to checkout using the 40% deposit option.

When do I pay my balance?

Once it’s time for delivery, we will contact you to request the remainder of your balance. We are unable to dispatch items until the remainder of your balance has been paid.

How do I pay my balance?

You can pay your balance securely over the phone, by making a payment via PayPal or via a bank transfer.