Benefits of Ceramic Furniture

ceramic dining table ceramic sideboard
Agata Ceramic Range

At the beginning of each year, we send our furniture boffins out on fact-finding missions. They go to Italy, Germany and even to China in search of the latest trends and developments in furniture. When they come back, their heads are spinning with new ideas and their notepads are full of information about which new styles are going to be sweeping the nation over the next 12 months.

When they returned from their world tour, they had some news, this year, it seems, ceramics are the must-have item. We currently have a few stunning ceramic ranges to choose from, which include ceramic dining tables, ceramic coffee tables, ceramic lamp tables and ceramic sideboards. These ranges have proved popular, so today, we thought we’d list some of the benefits of going ceramic.

Ceramic Furniture Looks Great

Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder; however, a dining table with a ceramic top just has an extra bit of panache and style than its competitors! Take the wonderfully sleek and cool extendable Westin dining table. Everyone has their own opinion and tastes, but the distinctiveness of a ceramic table makes it more attractive in my eyes. And on that note…

Westin Dining Table

Ceramic Table Tops are Unique

As is the case with any natural material, each slab is completely individual and one of a kind. The look of a ceramic surface is beautiful and natural. Similar effects can be found on marble dining tables.  As with any product, whether it is a dining table, a watch or a pair of shoes, everyone wants theirs to be their own; ceramic furniture gives you this option and is cheaper than a marble table too.

Ceramics are durable – very durable

So you’ve spent a small fortune on your brand new dining table or coffee table; you’re relaxing at home, admiring the way the light hits the surface… and you notice a big fat scratch. Game over.

This is an obvious concern in the modern home, but not with a ceramic table top. Ceramic is completely scratch proof and will not dent either; nor will it stain. So you can let your kids do their worst at the dinner table or stick their feet up on the coffee table without having to worry about the repercussions!

Side note: ceramics can also withstand extremely hot temperatures, so unless you live in a volcano, there’s no chance of it ever melting!

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