Kylie Minogue at Home Collections – New 2018 Ranges

Kylie Minogue at Home Collections – New 2018 Ranges

Ahh Valentine’s Day: the most beautiful and romantic day of the calendar year; where couples express their love for one another through roses, jewellery and soppy Instagram posts.  Now that the love dust has settled, it’s time to talk about something that’s shocked us: men and women are romancing on age-old sheets! This is unacceptable! Thankfully Kylie Minogue has released a new line of bedding from the Kylie Minogue At Home range of bed linens!

New Kylie Minogue at Home Collections

The new ranges of bedlinens and cushions from Kylie Minogue offer something for everyone. That’s the beauty of these collections, they cater to each and every taste and style.

Gia Bedding by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Gia Bedding

Made up of silver sequins and quilted velvet, this bedding has a mixture of opulent ombre and oyster colour. The sparkle provided by the silver sequins give this range that signature feel of glamour.

Adele Bedding by Kylie Minogue

adele bedding by kylie minogue

Soft oyster satins embroidered with clear sequins create an enchanting look in the new Adele range of bedding. With a discreet feathered design, this range creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing in the bedroom.

Cadence Bedding by Kylie Minogue

cadence bedding kylie minogue

Luxurious silver satin, embellished with intricate swirls and sparking sequins. Quite the combination; and it makes for a simply spectacular result. The Cadence range of bedding by Kylie Minogue. Designed to make an impact in the bedroom, these silver bed linens do just that.

Saturn Bedding by Kylie Minogue

kylie minogue saturn bedding

If it’s a sophisticated look you want for your bedroom, the Saturn range might just be the one for you. Grey satin is married with a panel of soft, luxurious velvet and finished with a glistening diamond trim. The skill in this range comes with the refined nature of its design. The simple things are done right, making for the perfect bedroom solution.

Marisa Bedding by Kylie Minogue

Marisa is a little bit more out there than some of the other new ranges, and utilises Kyle Minogue’s signature tone of mauve. This time however, it’s combined with softer oyster colours and used to create a floral pattern. The look is completed with soft printed satin and sequins, and Kylie Minogue recommends adding in some pillows for some added glitz!

Cushions by Kylie Minogue

cadence cushion kylie minogue
Cadence Cushion

As well as the new ranges of bedlinens, there’s a whole host of new cushions to choose from.

Marisa Cushion by Kylie Minogue
Marisa Cushion

Each new range has its own signature cushion of the same name, and as well as this there are others which are recommended to be paired with each range.

Riva Cushion Kylie Minogue

You can find these cushions listed as either options or recommended products in the pages for each range.

kylie minogue narissa slate cushion
Narissa Slate Cushion