Christmas Gift Ideas – The Perfect Stocking Fillers

Looking for Christmas presents isn’t easy, especially when you’re a last-minute shopper! Searching for unique and interesting Christmas gifts for your loved ones gets more difficult each year. This year we’ve come up with a few stocking fillers for everyone out there: something to surprise and delight the people around you this Christmas. So here are Modish Furnishing’s late stocking filler Christmas gift ideas.

Kylie Minogue Cushions

Kylie Minogue Glitter Fade Cushion


Because who doesn’t love pillows? Choosing the right pillows can make or break the decor of a room. Kylie Minogue’s range of cushions is the perfect example of how to use pillows to add some luxury and style to your home.

Kylie Minogue Glitter Fade Cushion Kylie Minogue Palermo Cushion
Kylie Minogue Belina Cushion

Lamps and Lighting 



You might not think a lamp can be a great gift, but with such a variety, you can’t fail to find something worthy of a gift. Choose between the quirky, unique and downright unusual this Christmas!

Wall Art 

Inject some life into a friend or family member’s home with some colourful wall art. Every modern home needs some artwork. And who knows, one day it might be worth a fortune! It might go down as the greatest Christmas gift of all time!




This seems like an unusual one, but vases aren’t just for flowers! Another thing they’re useful for is decoration. Consequently, we believe vases have an important role to play in the 21st century home. Since we stock a wide range of stylish and charming vases, we think they’re worth taking a chance on!

Table Ornaments

No one wants a table, and let’s face it, some are pretty dull (not any from Modish though!) To remedy this, we recommend adding a few decorative bits and pieces to help spice things up. Since this is a very broad category, there is literally any number of things you could choose from. We have many different items scattered around the showroom for you to choose from. There’s plenty for everyone to love!

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