Interest Free Repayments on Furniture – 0% Finance

Furniture on Finance

December is upon us, Christmas is just around the corner and funds are starting to look a bit tighter. Buying gifts for everyone at this time of year doesn’t come cheap. Nor do all of the added social occasions surrounding the busy festive calendar. Who could even think about buying furniture at this time of year?

Seeing as you’ve been so well behaved this year, we here at Modish Furnishing have a gift especially for you! To ensure you aren’t left out this Christmas, we’re now able to offer 0% interest payments on everything on our website and in our showroom! This gives you the chance to treat yourself to something you want!

Our interest free payment plan options give you the opportunity to select either 6 or 12 months payments at 0% interest. This means you can break the cost of your purchase down and pay it back over the course of up to a year, with no added cost!

Interest Free for Christmas

So if you were looking for a new dining table for your Christmas dinner, or perhaps a new carpet or sofa now is the time to buy! How better to impress the visiting family over the holidays?

For example, if you wanted to purchase one of our beautiful new dining tables, one such as the Andalusia Walnut table from latest range on the Modish Furnishing website, you could pay the cost over the course of a year for as low as £41 per month!

Andalusia Walnut Dining Table with Glass Top

Doing this really takes the sting out of making a big purchase, and allows you to have your home exactly how you want it without having to make any sacrifices due to cost. Many people have to give up on the products they want and settle for lesser, poorer quality furniture because of the high cost. With our new 0% payment option, cost no longer has to dictate your purchases!

How to apply for 0% interest finance

This really couldn’t be easier. Simply come into our showroom and one of our sales experts will guide you through the application system and show you how much your repayments will be on any given item of furniture you wish to purchase.

Will I be accepted for 0% finance?

To find out, all you have to do is enter a few details into the finance system – such as employment status, occupation, age, address – and the system will tell you within seconds whether you have been accepted. It couldn’t be easier!

I don’t want everyone knowing my age or how much I earn!

Of course you don’t, no one does. That’s why we guarantee your details will not be seen and cannot be accessed by anyone at Modish Furnishing. We will have an iPad we can hand over to you to fill in your details, or alternatively send you a link via email or text message for you to fill out the application on your own device.

Can I see how much the payments would be without going through the full application process?

You can indeed! There’s a very easy to use tool on our web page. You can find this handy tool on each product page, and it allows you to see how much your monthly payments would be and gives you the ability to toggle what percentage deposit you wish to put down, if any!

What can I buy with 0% finance?

You can buy anything over £500 in our showroom and online! The £500 minimum is the only catch with the interest free payments. So if you were looking at one of Kylie Minogue’s pillows, you’ll need to buy the whole family one!

Kylie Minogue Aurora Pewter Cushion

Do I need to wait 12 months to pay it off?

You aren’t restricted to paying it every month, should you wish to, you can get in touch with the finance company and pay off more than initially agreed. So if you decided after a few months that you wished to pay off your balance, you would be free to do so!

Buying made easy

For the customer, this finance system makes buying even easier. With finance, the pinch of an expensive purchase won’t be felt quite as much and the financial burden can be spread over the course of a year.

If you have any more questions about 0% finance, please get in touch with us at 0141 429 3541.

Happy shopping!

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Black Friday at Modish Furnishing

The Modish Furnishing Black Friday weekend sale is now on!

Get yourself down to our showroom and you could grab yourself a bargain in what is most definitely our biggest sale ever.

We’re giving you massive discounts and savings across our entire showroom, and have some incredible deals you won’t want to miss out on.

Rest easy on your brand new mattress, sound in the knowledge it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. All weekend we’re slashing our prices and giving you £100 off all mattresses over £200. That means you could be getting some mattresses for almost half off! This Black Friday mattress offer will expire on Monday though, so you’d better get a move on in order to take full advantage.

Elsewhere in our showroom we’re discounting all mirrors valued over £100 by £80. We have some stunning mirrors in our showroom, and this kind of sale comes along only once a year! This offer reflects (see what I did there?) the excellent value you’re going to find at Modish Furnishing this Black Friday weekend!

Our massive Lighting Clearance Sale is already running, but we’ve thrown in another 20% off all lamps for good measure! We’ve included a wide variety of different lighting products in our sale, from flush lighting to lamps to chandeliers, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

As 2017 rolls to a close, we’re looking to clear a good chunk of our showroom stock, which means we’re also running a clearance sale on all of our Kylie Minogue ranges. There’s as much as 40% off a number of these gorgeous bedding ranges from the Australian singer.

To complement the beautiful bedding ranges, we’re doing two for one on all cushions in the showroom, this includes Kylie Minogue’s entire range of opulent and striking cushions.

There’s bargains to be had all across our showroom, located just outside of Glasgow’s City Center, pop down, have a browse and make the most of our Black Friday Weekend Sale!

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Illuminate Your Winter

What time did it get dark last night? Far too early for me, anyway! I’ve never been a huge fan of the dark nights, they can have the odd benefit – cozying up in bed with a hot chocolate and not feeling guilty about it being one of them – but generally, Scottish Winters are tough. To help you combat the dark, depressing evenings, we’re putting on a gigantic lighting sale in our showroom to brighten up your winter!

Our lighting selection is pretty vast, with plenty to choose from, so we figured we’d try and break it down a bit for you. So here are four styles of light you’ll come across here at Modish Furnishing!


The timeless classical style of lighting, just as relevant 500 years ago as it is today. Some of our most popular products fall under this category, with chandeliers ruling the roost and being able to elegantly adorn the modern home. Opting for a chandelier is an excellent way to add a bit of class to a room, and can even work well in a contemporary setting, if you choose the right one!


“Turn a lamp on, let’s get some ambiance in here” – we’re all guilty of this line! However cliché it has become, there’s certainly a lot of truth to it. The ‘Big Light’ can often feel a bit over the top and overpowering.

Sometimes a lamp is exactly what is required to set a mood or help you relax on the sofa after a day at work. With this in mind, we’ve added plenty of table lamps and floor lamps to our winter sale.

Flush Lighting

Everyone differs when it comes to style and preference and it’s not uncommon to find people who simply don’t like chandeliers. For that person, we recommend our flush lighting section, which keeps the frame and light nice and close to the ceiling.

With such a wide variety of different flush lights available, perhaps we should have narrowed this one down more, but we figured it best to keep it to a ‘style’ theme. From smooth circular shaped lighting to eccentric and unique shapes, there’s definitely something to suit your taste!


Describing something as ‘modern’ can be controversial, who’s to say what looks modern and what doesn’t? And when does something stop looking modern?

Today, we’re describing some of LED light section as being modern. Generally speaking, something with LED lights tends to look new, stylish and current, as is the case with the majority of the stunning LED lighting fixtures we have on offer.

These various fittings and lamps give you a world of choice when it comes to their shape and you’re able to choose the light that perfectly blends into your home environment.

Carpet for Christmas?

isense and invictus carpets in glasgow
Modish Furnishing’s Carpet Showroom in Glasgow

Some people think it’s far too late in the year to be considering buying a carpet. However, we disagree. With such great prices across our carpet showroom in Glasgow, it’s an excellent time to buy a new carpet!

What do you want for Christmas? A nice trip abroad? A new watch? A good pair of socks? How about some peace and quiet? Or time to relax after the tough graft of 2017?

Let’s face it, at Christmas time, what we all want to do is simply rest after a long, hard year. That, and eat our own bodyweight in chocolate!

It can be tough to really relax at Christmas time though, there’s an awful lot going on. Between presents, family and of course, the all important Christmas dinner. It can be difficult to find a moment to yourself.

free carpet fitting in glasgow
Wide selection of carpet at Modish Furnishing

With this in mind, it makes it extra important to have an environment of peaceful tranquillity. So that when you do find a moment to turn the engine off and unwind, you make the most of it. To ensure your home is geared to be your very own calming utopia, you’re going to want to make sure it feels as homely as possible.

New Carpet from the Experts in Glasgow

We’d recommend doing that by investing in a brand new carpet. Nothing helps you relax quite like the recognisable scent of a fresh carpet. The feel of its thick, luscious fibres underfoot is a joy to behold. There’s a reason why people often use the cliché “it’s like walking on air” to describe the feel of a fresh new carpet. There’s really nothing else like it.

Free fitting of invictus carpets
Invictus Carpets in Glasgow – with free fitting

In the run up to Christmas, Modish Furnishing recommends the gift of a new carpet. Something to help warm you through these cold winter months. A new carpet helps to bestow a welcoming coziness into your home over the festive period.

Free Carpet Measuring and Carpet Fitting in Glasgow

At Modish Furnishing, we offer both free measuring and fitting on all carpets, and currently there’s an up to 20% off sale on all carpets. Included in this sale are the well known brand names of iSense and Invictus, leading brand names in carpet.


Invictus Carpet Glasgow

Brand new and available now is the stunning Invictus Centaurus range, which comes with a gorgeous shimmer throughout its fibres. This all new carpet range is one of Invictus best ever and the perfect winter warmer for the Great British home!

Coming in nine distinct and unique tones ranging from cool to warm, this carpet features all of the outstanding attributes we’d expect of an Invictus carpet. For starters, it’s made from the latest polypropylene technology, making the carpet fibres 100% stain resistant: no need to worry about your glass of wine, cup of coffee or messy kids.


Give us a call on 0141 429 3541 or visit our showroom to speak to one of our carpet experts, who will be happy to arrange a free measurement and fitting in your home or commercial premises.

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