How to Eat Better and Sleep Easier

Eva Rovere Oak

The two most important things in life are eating and sleeping. If you don’t eat well, you become unhealthy, malnourished, weak, and ill. If you don’t sleep well you become tired, jaded, unfocused, lazy, and unproductive.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that it’s pretty important to eat and sleep in such a way that maximises your ability to properly function and feel your best. Now, I can’t honestly say that anyone at Modish Furnishing is any kind of doctor specialising in sleep cycles, nor are we nutritionists, what we are though are experts in furniture; and this can be just as important when it comes to eating and sleeping!

San Marino Elm Grey

Ensuring your bedroom is somewhere you feel comfortable is a hugely important factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Before your body can rest, your mind must be able to rest first. The best way to help your mind feel relaxed in your bedroom is to create an environment you feel secure and happy in.

For this, Modish Furnishing recommends our brand new Italian range of bedroom furniture. These brand new bedrooms are the ultimate in bedroom furniture and represent a unique shift up in quality from your current bedroom furniture.

San Marino White

Luxurious high gloss finishes give these bedrooms an unrivalled elegance, not to mention the luxurious padded headboards and the sleek LED backlights. Coming in classy white or sophisticated Elm grey the San Marino bedroom will have you feeling at home and at ease, allowing you to gently drift away to a deep and fulfilling sleep.

Elsewhere in the bedroom department is the Eva range. Coming in either a white high gloss or gorgeous oak finish, this bedroom is just as at home in a classical environment as it is the contemporary bachelor pad.

Eva White Bedroom

Elsewhere in the home, we want to make sure you’re eating well, or at least, eating on a great surface! So we’ve added a load of brand new dining tables to our range! These tables range in shape, size, build, design and material, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Valente Extending Dining Table

So whether you like a high gloss finish, wish to indulge in a marble top or prefer a sleek tempered glass design, we’ve got you covered over on our website!

Gabriella Clear Glass Top Table + Six Remo Chairs

Take for example the beautiful Gabriella clear glass dining table and its gorgeous stainless steel legs. This table is available on its own, or if you wish to complete the look, you can purchase it in as a full dining set, complete with six chairs.

If a clear glass top isn’t to your liking, perhaps the Armano is more to your taste, which does have a glass top, but only to add a durability to what is already a superbly design high gloss table. The Armano also features a nifty extending table top, meaning you can fit more guests into your dinner party, or invite more family round for Christmas dinner – should to want to!

Armano Table with Remo Chairs

We’ve got plenty of selection of dining tables and bedroom furniture ranges on our website and in our showroom, so feel free to pop in and have a look! We promise you’ll get sleep better at night and eat better at dinner time when you buy from us!


Happy Birthday to Modish!

How does that 50 Cent song go? That’s right… IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY, WE’RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! Well, realistically there won’t be a big party, what we will do, however, is be giving all our lovely and loyal readers a discount to celebrate Modish Furnishing turning 2 years old!

We’re still just a young pup of a company, but over the past two years we’ve laughed, cried, learned from our mistakes and above all we’ve grown and are now a lot wiser from the experience. Throughout this time we’ve built and maintained great relationships with our customers, many of whom come back to us regularly, and this support hasn’t gone unnoticed from us.

So to celebrate turning the big T-W-O, we’re offering 24% off everything on our website for a limited time. Normally people have a birthday weekend, where they dance and drink and sing, so we’ll do the same, and this code will expire on Sunday night!

Sunburst wall mirror

This 24% extends to absolutely everything on our website, including all of the incredibly distinctive new mirrors we’ve just added, as well as the stunning new dining ranges we now have available. What a great time to buy a dining table as well: ordering now will ensure you receive your delivery for Christmas!

Gabriella Dining Set

Just imagine sitting down to Christmas dinner with your family, all joking and laughing around a gorgeous new dining table. We have all kinds of choice when it comes to your dining experience, from high gloss, to tough and durable tempered glass, right through to elegant marble topped tables.

Butterfly Steel White Marble Dining Table

Many of the new dining ranges we’ve added also have matching coffee tables, console tables and lamp tables – meaning you can keep your home coordinated and classy. Doing this really allows you to build the character of your home and takes your interior design to the next level.

Hamburg Bed

If it’s a good night’s sleep you’re after then look no further than our brand new Hamburg bed. This grey linen Chesterfield bed comes with gas lift Ottoman storage, allowing you to keep the house neat and tidy. This bed is also lower to the ground than many beds, which research shows will help give you a deeper, more relaxed sleep.


For the kids… seeing as we’re so close to Christmas, it is time to start thinking about presents. And what child wouldn’t want a bed that lights up? The Shanghai leather LED bed gives you everything you need and more in a bed: Style, a strong build, under-bed Ottoman storage and a very cool LED lit-headboard. 

The unique LED system on this bed is remote controlled, giving you a choice of colours, speeds, transitions and effects. This bed really is perfect for your child’s bedroom, and would make an excellent Christmas gift.

To take advantage of our limited time offer, enter code BIRTHDAY24 at checkout.

Here’s to another two years!

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Carpet with a Shimmering Twist

Invictus Carpet Glasgow Sparkle
Invictus Carpet

It might come as a great surprise to many of you, but a new carpet can do wonders for the winter home. Here, we take a look at the brand new Invictus Centaurus range. This range is available at our Glasgow showroom

Invictus Carpet in Glasgow

Winter is quickly rolling in. We’re beginning to spend more time indoors in the reassuring warmth and comfort of our own homes. We Brits love a cozy night on the sofa in our dressing gowns and joggers. It keeps us well away from the howling gales and piercingly cold Winter rain.

During the cold, dark months of the British winter, keeping your spirits up in a nice warm home is the goal. So what better time to treat yourself to a brand new carpet? Something that feels welcoming and reassuring underfoot. Something to look forward to getting home to while you’re sat in the office, punching away at your keyboard all day.

Invictus Centaurus Glasgow
Invictus Carpet Glasgow

We have just the carpet for you! Brand new into our showroom, the stunning Invictus Centaurus range! This all new carpet range is one of Invictus best ever and the perfect winter warmer for the Great British home!

Invictus Centaurus Carpet in 9 Colours

This carpet is available in nine distinct and unique tones ranging from cool to warm. It also features all of the outstanding attributes we’d expect of an Invictus carpet. For starters, it’s made from the latest polypropylene technology, making the carpet fibres 100% stain resistant. This means there’s no need to worry about your glass of wine, cup of coffee or messy kids!

If a stain resistant guarantee still doesn’t leave you convinced, there’s a 20 year wear and stain warranty thrown in to boot. That means you’re covered for the next two decades! It includes cover against the calamities and wear and tear of the modern home. We think that’s a pretty great deal!

One of the main benefits of polypropylene carpets over traditional, natural fibres is the fact that they are so easy to maintain. The Invictus Centaurus is fully bleach cleanable, something that would be unthinkable when trying to clean a natural thread carpet.

Deep Saxony Pile – Invictus Centaurus

Its 15mm deep Saxony pile means your toes will feel as though you’re walking on air as the soft, luxurious fibres slip between them. Picture waking up on a cold morning and getting out of bed to this. Surely a much more appealing prospect than your bare feet on a cold, hard laminate or wood floor?

However, we’ve not yet come to the most spectacular thing about this new carpet range. What really sets this carpet apart from the rest is the beautiful sparkling shimmer running through it. Not enough to blind your guests, but sufficient enough to give the carpet a little something extra. Without verging into the realm of looking tacky!

This luxurious shine is almost impossible to capture on camera, so we highly recommend coming down to see it with your own eyes!

Invictus Centaurus in Glasgow

Give us a call on 0141 429 3541 or visit our showroom to speak to one of our carpet experts, who will be happy to arrange a free measurement and fitting in your home or commercial premises.

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