Five Styles of Mirrors

Every home needs at least one mirror. Most have several. It’s very rare, and pretty strange, for a house to have none. With so much demand for mirrors comes a great deal of choice. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, from wall mirrors to standing mirrors, bathroom mirrors to bedroom mirrors.

With such a wide variety of mirrors to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming at times: Which style? Which size? Which design? Which colour? It’s enough to have you tearing your hair out!

As ever, the purpose of this blog is to inform and aid you in your search for furniture and carpets. So let’s make buying a mirror a touch easier. We’ll even be running 15% off all of our online mirrors throughout October!

Here are 5 styles of mirror you’ll find here at Modish Furnishing:


Old faithful; everyone needs a plain mirror in their life: Something that doesn’t stand out, and does its job without making a fuss about it. The plain mirror has been a staple of home life for generations and while some people might see having a plain mirror as dull or boring, we believe a good, traditional mirror is essential, even in the modern home.


From plain to something a bit different: multi-panel mirrors are growing in popularity and are definitely in vogue right now. These types of mirrors make use of two or more completely separate panels which are aligned to make one full mirror. These mirrors tend to have a way in which they are supposed to be hung, but there’s really no reason you can’t put them up as you please!

This type of mirror gives you freedom and style, as well as a more unique and interesting design; we’re big fans down here at Modish Furnishing and have some great multi-panel mirrors available.


The ornate category of mirrors definitely some of the most sophisticated we have on offer and are a superb way of building the character of a room. If you’re looking for classical elegance as the theme of a room, these mirrors are a wonderful way to achieve this.

Mirrors such as these are more suited to classical styled homes, but could certainly be made to work in a contemporary setting.



Something a bit more striking for the home. A showpiece mirror is something designed to catch the eye and turn a few heads. Designs on these can be anything from floral to oblique and can look absolutely fantastic. A superb way to add something different to a room.

We do eye-catching very well down here at Modish Furnishing, and we have a soft spot for the unique. We hope you’ll like our showpiece mirrors as much as we do!


Hang on, shouldn’t these come under plain? Well, not quite! Some circular mirrors are quite plain, and will fall under that earlier category. However, the circular mirrors we’re talking about here are the more unusual circular designs. Mirrors which give you that extra panache you’re looking for, without being too ‘out there’ or over the top.  

From swirls to sunbursts, there’s something for everyone’s taste in the circular pool of mirrors!



So go on then, which style do you prefer? You can view our full range of mirrors here, or give us a call on 0141 429 3541 to speak to one of our sales experts.

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New Winter Bedroom Ranges

Winter is coming. At least that’s what Game of Thrones has been telling us for the last seven years, (20+ if you read the books!). It’s now September, the nights are dimming, the path the sun takes through the sky is dipping ever lower, and the temperature is dropping.

Not the most enjoyable time of year for most, with the vast majority of people dreading the cold days, perishing nights, lack of Vitamin D and the risk of snow and slush. It can be an awfully dispiriting time, but it can also be a positive time, depending on how you view it.

Cosy nights in, mugs of hot chocolate, sumptuously cosy sweaters, a new scarf! The cold, dark nights needn’t be all bad. For this reason, we’ve picked out the types of bedrooms to get you through the tough winter months.

These are the types of Bedrooms you’ll enjoy being cooped up in during those horrendous rain storms. Places to relax and listen to the wind as it blows a hoolie outside your window. We’ve even specially chosen each bedroom as it features an LED headboard, to save you getting up to turn the big light on!

So without further adieu here are the six best bedrooms to help you through the winter:

The Davoli    

The ultra-modern Davoli bedroom is made by one of our more exclusive suppliers, based in Italy. And just as you’d expect from Italian furniture designers, the Davoli is stunning to gaze upon. An all white design is given deep, dark edges which both refine and enhance its classy style. Its showpiece attraction, though, is in the sparkling headboard design, which really sets the piece off.

The diamante design on the headboard is accompanied by an LED light for some extra shine during the dark winter months, making this bedroom set striking, memorable and especially useful when you want to do some late night reading! The bedroom set comes with a four door wardrobe, three drawer chest, bedside tables and a mirror: all the bedroom furniture you could ever need.

The Jessica

Jessica Bedroom

Once again coming from Italy, the Jessica bedroom set is the perfect way to bring a refined and subtle style to the bedroom.

High quality whites and gorgeous deep charcoal gloss hues is fused with beautiful chrome handles and legs to create something quietly spectacular.

Visually, this bedroom set is a treat on the eye, and this isn’t represented anywhere as well as in the headboard.  A luminous LED light is partnered with subtle diamante crystals to add a spark to the bedroom and really make it stand out.

The curvy nature of the LED headboard design is in direct contrast with the straight edge nature of the rest of the bedroom, making the opus of the bed stand out even more.

Featuring a four door wardrobe, three drawer chest, bedside tables and a mirror, this set has it all.

Isabel Deluxe & Isabel Supreme

Isabel Deluxe

Two bedrooms cut from the same cloth but with one vital difference. Both Isabel bedrooms come with two bedsides, a three drawer chest and a four door wardrobe, all of which are the same for both the Deluxe and the Supreme versions of the set.

The main difference in the case of this bedroom set is the headboard: the Deluxe features a more luxurious padded headboard, to help gentle ease you off to sleep; while the Supreme has a more hard-hitting, striking design.

Deluxe Padded Headboard

Think of the Deluxe and Supreme as Ying and Yang, one for the comfort lovers and one for the people who want to turn a few heads. The LED lights in these headboards, especially the Deluxe, look fantastic: Not too in your face, but still with enough of an impact to really make these beds stand out.

Which one do you prefer?

Isabel Supreme

The Micol Bedroom

Ahh the Micol, could you really be any more beautiful? This stunning bedroom throws out the rulebook and injects distinct patterns throughout its design, even going so far as to use its curved stylings to the mirror on the four door wardrobe.

The bedroom mixes lush creams with intense greys in order to create a look that is not only unique, but that will also catch the eye. High gloss has never looked better than it does on this Micol Bedroom Set.

As with the other sets in this range, an LED light is featured, as well as a four door wardrobe, three drawer chest and two bedsides.

The Sharon Bedroom

Last but certainly not least is the Sharon. This might just be the most glamourous of them all… with sparkling cracked effects used to border the bed, wardrobe and mirror, as well as beautiful chrome handles, this white gloss bedroom set is simply spectacular.

Of all the headboards looked at in this blog, Sharon’s is right up there in the running in the “Best of” awards category. Unusual and distinct, its design almost resembles a crack on a sheet of glass or on a vast expanse of arctic ice.

The ‘crack’ is laden with diamante crystals which shimmer and shine, even without the in-built LED light!

Bedroom Sets at Modish Furnishing

Each of the bedroom sets listed come with a bed, wardrobe, bedsides, chest and mirror, but can also be ordered as individual items; get in touch with us at 0141 429 3541 or [email protected] to enquire about buying items individually. 

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