Five Reasons to Buy a Wiemann Wardrobe

Five Reasons to Buy a Wiemann Wardrobe

Wiemann Miami Wardrobe

Wiemann are one of Europe’s biggest wardrobe manufacturers. They specialise in practical and luxury wardrobes for the modern home. Featuring things such as useful drawers, tie racks, trouser rails and shoe racks, Wiemann Wardrobes are the perfect solution for your bedroom.

Imagining your perfect bedroom is something everyone does. We run through it in our minds over and over again, and generally, most people have a firm idea of the design they’d go for, especially if money were no object.

In each of these fantasy spaces, we get the perfect night’s rest and never have to toss and turn to get to sleep again. While everyone’s idea of the perfect bedroom will differ, it’s safe to assume that every one of the make-believe bedrooms is neat and tidy: shoes haven’t trodden any dirt onto the carpet, clothes aren’t strewn across the bed, it never requires dusting, and all of your clothes are carefully tucked away, out of sight; probably in a wardrobe.

A sleekly design, unobtrusive method of storing your clothes and keeping the safe space of your home tidy is what we all dream of. Something that delivers practicality, but also something that delivers style, elegance and class.

A wardrobe can do all of this, and none does it better than a Wiemann Wardrobe. So here are 5 reasons why you should buy a Wiemann Wardrobe:

Wardrobes with Style

Wiemann Berlin Wardrobe

You only need to look through our online catalogue to see what we’re talking about here. Wiemann Wardrobes blend glass, colour, LEDs and rich carcasses to form a beautiful design that’s dripping with elegance.

Smooth metallic edges, sliding glass doors, mirrored panels, versatility of design; each of these would make a welcome addition on a normal wardrobe, with Wiemann, you get everything in one gorgeous package.

Practical and Spacious Wardrobes

When purchasing great looking furniture, you often find you have to sacrifice something in return; this isn’t the case with Wiemann Wardrobes.

When you buy a wardrobe from Wiemann, you’re given a world’s worth of space to play with, and I say ‘play with’ as you’re afforded the luxury of being able to choose exactly what your wardrobe looks like inside.

Gone are the days of a single rail to hang your shirts! Wiemann’s range of accessories includes drawers, trouser holders, utensil pull-outs, adjustable shelves and shoe racks.

With Wiemann, your bedroom wardrobe can become a haven of practical tranquillity; with everything organised to perfection! This wardrobe is the OCD sufferer’s dream!

Versatility of Design

Sunset Wardrobe with Crystal Mirror

Looking at some of these wardrobes, it’s difficult to imagine anyone wanting to change the way the look, but Wiemann give you the ability to do so nonetheless!

With many of the Wiemann Ranges, you can decide whether you would like the original coloured glass panels. Alternatively, you can change them out for mirrored panels. The mirrored panels can be arranged in whichever order you want – dependant on the panel layout – with Wiemann giving you complete control over the makeup of your new wardrobe.

Wardrobes with LED Lights

Wiemann LED Strip Lights

Much like with the mirrored panels, Wiemann gives you the option of LED lights when choosing your wardrobe. Some people like the LED lights, and feel they bring an extra level of chic to the bedroom. Meanwhile, some people think they’re unnecessary. Both of these types of people are catered for, with Wiemann giving you full control.

Different forms of LED lights are also available and you can opt for spot lights or strip lights. You want your wardrobe to be one of a kind, something you’ve envisioned in your own head – Wiemann Wardrobes allow you to have this!

More Wardrobe for your Money

You might think that designing your very own dream wardrobe is expensive, and while these wardrobes aren’t cheap, they’re certainly not going to require a mortgage!

Wiemann Wardrobes are the built to last for many years, combining premium materials and expert German craftsmanship. Any money invested in a Wiemann Wardrobe will feel like nothing when it’s still standing in 10 years time. And we assure you it’ll still be as beautiful and as practical as it was on day one.


Which company can claim to have as rich as history as Wiemann?

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