What’s a wardrobe if it’s not Wiemann?

What’s a wardrobe if it’s not Wiemann?

What makes a bedroom? What makes someone walk in and think ‘I wish this was my bedroom’. Is it the bed? The layout? The fancy TV in the corner? These can definitely all bring some character to a room… but nothing can light up a space and inject life into it the way a good wardrobe can; and few do it better than Wiemann Wardrobes!


Here at Modish Furnishing in Glasgow, we truly believe that no great bedroom is complete without a wardrobe as its focal point. This is where Modish and Wiemann come in! We are proud to be licensed suppliers for one of the best manufacturers of wardrobes in Europe.

Wiemann Sunset Wardrobe in Black with Crystal Mirror

Wiemann’s innovative and unique designs range from contemporary to traditional and are crafted using high-quality, sustainable materials. Oak, glass and other natural materials inspire gorgeous, head-turning looks that are sure to evoke envy from anyone who happens to see it.

These installations bring huge amounts of style and functionality to a room. Wiemann wardrobes look fantastic, but also excel in their utility and usefulness.

Wiemann say they will turn a bedroom into a “haven of ordered tranquillity”, and it’s easy to see why. In their range of accessories they boast sliding and self-closing doors, racks for your ties and trousers and socks, as well as other bits and bobs you have lying around the room.

Wiemann really knows how to make use of every single inch of their products, which is evident when you see some of the various other quirky pull outs – some appearing as if from nowhere – and storage spots featured in Wiemann Wardrobes. You’ll feel very suave when getting dressed in the morning that’s for sure!

One of the most impressive things to note when buying a Wiemann wardrobe is that the cost you pay includes Wiemann’s tailor-made home delivery service. Both the delivery and build of your wardrobe is covered in the cost. All you need to do is sit back and relax as your dream wardrobe is installed in the room of your choice!

You might be thinking that to be able to afford a wardrobe set up of this quality and craftsmanship you’ll have to be some sort of Russian Oligarch, the founder of Facebook, or be related to a Kardashian; however, these high specification installations come at very reasonable prices, considering the quality on offer. This is something else which sets Wiemann apart.

Wiemann Sunset Wardrobe in Havana Grey with Champagne Glass

At the time of writing, we have one Wiemann demo installation in our Glasgow showroom, which you can come down and see for yourself. We’re also excited to be getting a couple more in over the next six weeks to display in the showroom.

Feel free to come down, give us a call or contact us through social media if you have any questions regarding Wiemann Wardrobes.  We’ll be happy to help!

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