Make my Wardrobe a Wiemann!

Make my Wardrobe a Wiemann!

Avore Bedroom

Well ladies and gentleman, I can’t believe what I’m about to write. I’m struggling to fathom it. Should I pinch myself? Am I in a dream? Have I opened the wardrobe door and entered into Narnia? Or can it be that the sun has finally joined the party here in Glasgow!?

At the time of writing, the Glaswegian weather is delightful. So much so that I’m wishing I wasn’t sitting in front of a computer hammering away at the keyboard with such vigour and gusto – this enthusiasm should be spent out in the sun, with something cold to hand!

Alas, I’m down at Modish HQ, doing my bit to help keep this ship sailing. As for ships, even the most lush and lavish cruise ships would gaze into our showroom with palpable envy! So what’s going on down here at Modish Furnishing that’s enough to keep us away from the fantastic weather out there?

Earlier on I mentioned about entering the wardrobe and going through to Narnia, and it’s wardrobes we’re excited about this week at Modish. Our eye wateringly stylish Wiemann Wardrobes to be exact!

A German company, you can be assured Wiemann will deliver when it comes to the all important points of efficiency and practicality – obviously two of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing a wardrobe. You need to make sure your new wardrobe actually functions well enough as a wardrobe and does the job it’s supposed to do.

Imagine spending all that money on a lovely new sliding door wardrobe, only to find there’s nowhere to hang your shirts, store your clothes, hang your ties, or even worse: no specialised compartment for your socks?

Wiemann Sunset Wardrobe

For us, each one of these details, no matter how small they seem, are key when it comes to a wardrobe. Secondly, but by no means any less significant, is how it looks. And you only need to look at the photos of these Wiemann Wardrobes to realise they’re doing that part right.

A wide selection of colours, varying numbers of doors, sizes to match your needs and the option to choose how many mirrored panels you want, Wiemann wardrobes’ diversity and versatility helps them to stand out from the crowd. All of these factors coming together help to make Wiemann one of the leading suppliers of Wardrobes in Europe.

Wiemann also make great use of their range of accessories and add-ons to help make your wardrobe even more stylish and useful to you. Wiemann say they will turn a bedroom into a “haven of ordered tranquillity”, and it’s easy to see why. Handy add-ons such as self-closing doors and racks for your ties, trousers and socks are all available to purchase. Wiemann Wardrobes also give you a choice when it comes to the LED down-lighting above the doors.

Wiemann Berlin

One massive benefit to note when buying a Wiemann wardrobe is that the cost you pay includes Wiemann’s tailor-made home delivery service. Both the delivery and build of your wardrobe is covered in the cost. All you need to do is sit back and relax as your dream wardrobe is installed in the room of your choice!

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